Episode 74: A New Face

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I was on the plane minding my own business when a guy whom looked my age sat next to me. He was blonde. But something told me that it wasn't natural. He wasn't a bad looking guy. I found myself staring at him.

Once I caught myself I removed my eyes from him. I looked at the window and stared into nothingness. This was my home. And I'm really leaving. I sighed—more loudly then I would like— and watched the ground from under us disappear.

??? POV
I took a seat once I got on the plane. I sat next to a girl—my age I assume. She was pretty. She had long brown hair. Dark hazel eyes.

I turned to face forward and looked towards the front of the plane. While I was looking I felt uneasy. There was a gaze on me. And it was there for a long time.

Once it died away I looked at the girl next to me. She was staring out the window, watching everything fly by. She seemed very distressed.

Is she scared of heights?

"Umm hey.... You look umm in... distress? Yea... So umm are you alright?" I asked.

I was known as an awkward person. But never once have I ever felt so uncomfortable.

I tapped her shoulder and spoke, "not sure if you heard me but....

Are you ok?"

She turn her head to me. Slowly, very slow. But when she did turn I saw tears glistening in her eyes.

I started to panic when I saw the tears fall. I don't even know this girl and it was heart breaking to she her so upset.

I pulled her into an embrace. She curled up next to me and cried in my shirt. I smoothed her hair back and cooed her.

After a while there was only light sniffles and mini hiccups.

I cried into this guys shirt. There was two problems with me doing so.

One. I messed up his shirt.
And two. This guy was a stranger.


Once I calmed down a bit, I pulled away from the guy. I wiped my nose with my sleeve. "I'm so sorry..." I said—almost in a whisper—while looking at him with apologetic eyes.

His eyes widened. He looked around and then made eye contact with me. "It's perfectly fine. Are you ok now?" He questioned.

I nodded. I was weirdly not uncomfortable. He was nice being around I guess.


We talked for a long period of the flight. As in long period I mean to whole trip. I learned that he was a cool dude. He was sweet and caring. Funny and smart. A great guy.

We got off the plane and I walked with him. "So this is my stop. Maybe I'll see you around! Bye.....

Wait I never got you name. Sorry."


"Ah right. Well cya Jackson!"

"Bye girly!"

I waved back at him and started to walk to the streets. I would get a cab home.

There are some nice people out there! And in glad I met one. Even though we will probably never see each other again...

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