Episode 57: Karaoke

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I noticed that we are in a Karaoke studio! Omg I was about to sing again. After three years. I haven't danced or sing since she pasted.

Grams was 101 years old. Yes that is an uncommon age to past but she was able to be the old for that long. Grams taught me how to talk then she added singing.

After being a great singer she put into dance lessons. Me and my childhood friend would always dance. But he was the best. Like a brother to me. But I did kinda of have a crush on him.

What would I sound like? The same? Worst? How?

The only people that I knew I sang was the three dorks. They also knew about me dancing. Well Kai was the only one until he told. We even made our own little dance routine.

Suna called everyone and told us the order that we will be singing in. Then we could do what ever. She said we had a while but not to take long on decisions.

The order was:

Momo did a song my Red Velvet. It was called Bad Boy. She was really good I knew she could sing but damn.

Jungkook did an American song. It was by Justin Bieber. It was called Nothing Like Us. His voice was so beautiful. He sang like he was out of breath but it was amazing so I didn't really pay attention.

Jin sang a song by Topp Dogg. It was called Open the Door. It was very peaceful. His voice worked great with that song.

Then me. I sang a song by Pentagon. It was called Shine, I don't know if I did good or not but I had fun.


We were at the last person. Tae was singing. He was also singing an American song. It was by Adel. It was call Someone Like You.

Namjoon trying to sing but it went horribly wrong. It was funny because he was screaming the song, not singing.

Now that everyone was done singing we did duets. Or even more solos. Oppa did another song solo. He did a song some guy name Agust D. ;). Weirdly the song name was also called Agust D.

Jin begged Suna to do a duet with him. Which they did.

Jimin and V did a duet.

Chen Kris and Kai did a trio.

Me and Jungkook did a duet too.


When we were leaving to go somewhere else EVERYONE stop and said. "We didn't know you have an amazing voice!"

I blushed and got into Oppa's car. Not wanting to be embarrassed. As I rushed to the car a could hear the three idiots laughing their donkey asses off.

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