Episode 48: The Tears Fall

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As I walked away with Kyung soo, I could hear Jungkook's yells and cries. I wanted to run and comfort him. I tried but remember with a knife put right in front of my face.

He took me to his car and plopped me in. I was shaking, scared, I was all but happy.

I wanted...no I NEEDED Jungkook. I need to see him ok. I need to make sure he's fine. I hope he wasn't hurting to much.

Kyung-soo placed his hand on my thigh. I pushed it off feeling discussed. I felt like crying.

I wanted Oppa and Woozi.
I wanted BTS.
I wanted Momo.
And Suna 
Maybe even my parents.

Unknowingly tears started to stream down my face. I silently cried all the way to the place.

I started to think of all the fun I had with Oppa.
With my parents.
With Woozi.
And Jungkook.

His name made me want to cry. What would happen if I saw him.

My sob was starting to get louder.  Kyung-soo looked at me and I bit my tongue and looked away.

He rubbed my knee and continue to drive. A gasp escape my mouth. Scared I turned my head the opposite way.

He lightly chuckled but it sounded hurt. He deserved it. Taking me away from my life. No way was I going to be nice.

I shake my head. "What's wrong love?"

I give  Kyung-soo a weird look and stare at him. He glances at me a couple of times before asking again. "I said what's wrong." He spoke in a harsh tone.

I flinched and he noticed. "Sorry love, but answer when I speak." He told me in a slightly softer voice. I nodded scared of what he might do if I deny him. He's already threatened to hurt Jungkook.

I look out the window and sit there. Unintended I start to cry. I try my best to keep quiet.

While crying my eyes out my lids get heavy. As the time goes on my lids get heavier and heavier. Slowly they close and I fall into a deep sleep.

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