Episode 61: Done With Her Shit

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(Huge Time Skip)

It's been a year since that day. The three are still here and happy. Me and Jungkook are still together. Auntie is back. Woozi got a girlfriend. Oppa stopped hooking up with every girl. Jin has been crushing on Suna. Momo and Namjoon are together. Tae is still my bestie. Jimin and Hobi are still the same.

Life is good. However Sunni is still a huge bitch. And I think everyone is coming to know that. Thanks to me.

I was walking to class when a hand knocked down my books. Everything was scattered on the floor. She was laughing. She snapped her fingers and her mindless minions started to laugh as well. "What a pitiful girl you are. Why don't you do us all a favor and go kill yourself!" She tormented me. I had it with Sunni. She thinks she's all that but I'm done with her.

"You know what Sunni. I take youre advice once you change that snotty attitude. You think your the queen of this school? Well news flash your not! So stop tormenting me because of youre own fucked up life!" I was so mad with her. I wanted to slap her right across the face.

Everyone in the halls laughed or 'oh'ed. "W...well... Um at least....." She was at lost for words.

"What happened Sunni cat got your tongue? That's a shame I thought this would be a tough fight. Guess not...." With that I walked away and I heard laughs. I heard her stomp her feet and walk away.

Since that day she's been a bigger bitch. However I got people looking out for me. Everyone is done with her shit.

Sunni had gotten into three fights since that day. She's trying to mess with people but she then ends up with bruises. No more shots from her.

She said she would tell the school about what I did.

How when I got the whole school to turn on her?

I had to remind her what she did to me. Her face lost color and she walk away. She had nothing on me now.

Everyone was done with the drama she brought. All the bullying she did. No one was happy with her. They made her feel how they felt.

She got no craps given about her. Zero. Everyone hated her now. They were all done with her shit.

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