Episode 17: Caring Taehyung

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Jungkook POV
Monday had finally come. The day I was hoping would come so much faster, but sadly never did. I really want to see Y/n for some odd reason.

I walked to school as I always do, seeing my 'fangirls' stare at me with their tiny eyes.

I looked around trying to be sly. Trying to see if I can spot her anywhere. I looked everywhere but she was no where to be found.

I started to walk to where my hyung usually are, when I saw her talking to a guy who looked slightly shorter than me. I looked closer and saw that it was Taehyung hyung that she was talking to. Out of nowhere anger flooded through out my whole body. "That should be..."I started to muttered but got interrupted.

"OPPA I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" A girl with a high pitched voice screamed and then soon after hugged me. Just by smelling her sent I could tell who it was. Sunni.... My ex, the toy that broke before I could finish playing with it. Now she's back. Sunni. Very desperate, despicable. She's a fairly pretty girl but nothing more. She has an attitude of a Cat, yes a damn Cat. She's just an all around bitch to everyone she comes across. Now that I really think about it I'm the same way..... Oh wait no I'm not.

Taehyung POV
I was talking to Y/n when I saw Jungkook. It look as if he was looking for someone. I kept my eye on him but still focusing on the girl in front of me. I was listening to what she was saying when I looked back over to see Jungkook making out with Sunni. That Bitch can neve back off can she? I quickly looked back to Y/n—unfazed on what I've seen and she hasn't—and told her that I wanted to walk around.

Based on what Yoongi hyung said about her, she was really sensitive. If you actually pay attention to her, you can read her like a book. She's a sweat girl and she was starting to connect with me. Unlike other people, she seems that she really does care about the things I say and not my face. She's already giving me the 'little sister' vibe.

I don't want her to get hurt because of Jungkook.

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