Episode 16: Sneaky

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Oppa decided to dragged me all the way to the house. His grip was getting tighter and tighter by the minute. He looked really upset, was it because of Jungkook? I hope Oppa didn't really harm him and if he did I hope it wasn't that much.

We soon got home and Oppa placed his phone down on the counter and stormed his way up stairs. I grabbed his phone and saw he had a pass code.

What could it be?

I first tried his name and typed Yoongi, didn't work. Then I tried his birthdate, Woozie's name, my name and our address, all of the tries didn't work. I then tried hard at find out anything. I then moved to his friends names. Non of them worked.

Don't they call themselves something? What is it?

After awhile of thinking I remember their group name. I typed into the passcode 'BANGTAN'. It was a small surprise that he had that as his passcode, but then again not really. I managed to unlock his phone and smiled.

He really does love those crazy dorks.

I first went to his contacts and pulled out all of BTS's members names. However it was a challenge seeing as he had them all nicked named. Jin was 'Girly Eomma', Namjoon was 'Destructor', Hoseok was 'Happy Sunshine', Jimin was 'No Jam', Taehyung was 'Weird Ass Alien' and Jungkook was 'International PlayBoy'. 

After I got all of their numbers I hurriedly put back his phone. I rushed to my room and opened up to the new contact I had just gotten, Jungkook's. 

Jungkook are you ok? Did Oppa hurt you?? If he did I'll talk to him. Tell me if you're ok.
Oh this (Y/N) by the way:)

Oh hi (Y/N). I'm fine don't you worry your pretty little face. And also how did you get my number I know Yoongi Hyung would never give it to you. Especially, now after our little incident. Oh also sorry for that. I didn't mean to do that, sorry.

Ah~ it's ok Jungkookie. I know you didn't mean to do that. Oh and I got your number off of Oppa's phone when he wasn't looking. Hehe please don't tell him. Anyways I have to get going bye Kookie. See ya on Monday ^^

Oh ok, you sneaky girl. Alright see you Monday, and yes I am fine. ;~)

After his final text I powered off my phone.

I can wait to see Jungkook on Monday.
I want to see if he's ok or not.

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