Episode 67: Please

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"I...I don't know Jungkook. This really hurt me..." She said. This was our first really fight. She's never been so unhappy. I don't like this side of her. I want my cute cuddly Y/N back.

"Please! I won't ever hurt you like this again. I promise! I didn't do it on purpose. I promise on us!" I shouted. All eyes were on us.

She turned her head. It felt like my heart was breaking into a million pieces again. I saw her bite the inside of her bottom lip. She was frowning her eyebrows.

I grabbed her hand. I felt that little spark that I had when I first fell in love with her. However, this time it was much more small. It was like our bodies were loosing hope.

I held onto her hand a little tighter. Tears were brought to my eyes. "P...please..." I stuttered out.

I've never seen Jungkook so pained. Maybe he really did care. He was begging me to forgive him. I really wanted to. But what if he's lying. "P...Please..." He managed to stutter. I bit the inside of my lip harder. I drew blood. Jungkook tighten his grip on my hand once again. I was about to accept him but his hand was removed. I looked to see him in Sunni's embrace.

"Mine!" She hissed. And with that she placed her lips on to his. He wasn't moving. My eyes teared up.

She wasn't lying. He really is just playing with me....

I heard a loud crash. I looked and saw Jungkook eyes filled with hate. And he was looking at....


"Never! And I mean it Sunni! Never come near me or Y/N ever again!" He shouted. Gather a glob of saliva, to turn and spit it at Sunni. I laughed.

He came back to me with pledging eyes. I accepted him and grabbed his hand. We walked into the school. There was three more minutes before school started so Jungkook dropped me off at my classroom.

Sunni's POV
You bitch. This was your last chance. I've already done so much and you ignore me. I will ruin your life. Make it a living hell.

You will suffer Min Y/N.....

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