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Mr. Horny B*stard (Jungkook x Reader) by M0oonlight
Mr. Horny B*stard (Jungkook x -Hwinner-
CEO Jeon Jungkook is the most renown person in the entertainment industry, people admire his care for his employees, his determination in his work and his attractive loo...
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Kim Y/n is a single mother of jeongsan, her husband left her for some personal reasons, before she could tell him that she is pregnant, her husband asked for a divorce...
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In Love With a Killer™️ | J.JK[ON HOLD] by httyd12345
In Love With a Killer™️ | J.JK[ ༻Golden A.R.M.Y༺
"I love you" A rational person would've said I was crazy, I would've disagreed until the next 4 words slipped off my tongue. "I love you too..." - L...
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P.ost S.cript|JJK by singularitaed
P.ost S.cript|JJKby 𝐝𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐲𝐪𝐮𝐞
"p.s,i never meant to hurt you" ~lowercase intended ~age gap ~[ii] in the p.s series
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Kakaokook by KookieANDLeo
Kakaokookby Kook-Book
In which Jungkook accidentally adds you to their group chat thinking you're Namjoon. Jungkook x reader fanfic (Chapters will be uploaded spiratically) Enjoy :)
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sister ー j.jk {editing & updating} by soapysuga
sister ー j.jk {editing & updating}by 𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖑𝖉™
what happens when you finally meet your brother's youngest bandmate, who happens to be the same age as you and loved by millions? "Oh God! He is going to murder me...
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Mr. Boss | ✓ by iPurpleJungkook
Mr. Boss | ✓by ❄ Jungkook ❄
"Let me simplify this for you, Y/N-shi," Jungkook says getting dangerously close, while he continues to ignore your eyes that shoot dangers. "You do as I...
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Be Mine, And Stay Mine... JJK Fanfic [Completed] by notcooldudde
Be Mine, And Stay Mine... JJK Dylann
"I'm sorry Y/N but Jungkook loves me!" "Jungkook! Jungkook, tell me she's lying. You're joking right?!" I screamed feeling heartbroken. He shocked hi...
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My brother and My Crush by kay5reads
My brother and My Crushby kay5reads
What happens when your brother is apart of the same famous boy group as your crush who you live with permanently.
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My Special Bunny ➳ Jeon Jungkook 13+ [On-Going] by jxxnguk
My Special Bunny ➳ Jeon Jungkook 𝒳
"Who are you?! Where's my bunny?" I yelled at the stranger in front of me, "W-what do you mean? I am your bunny!" jxxnguk 2019 ⍆ What if you just bo...
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little kook(discontinued) by lilbeebear
little kook(discontinued)by ♡ uwu ♡
Reader XX Jungkook OMG OKAY SO I WROTE THIS WHEN I JUST STARTED SO IT'S CRINGY AFFFFFF pls i swear i'm a better author now HAHAHAHAH
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the choreographers daughter • jjk by soph245
the choreographers daughter • jjkby jimin<3
sonsungdeuk's daughter roams the bighit building often, but what happens when she finds who she wasn't supposed to? jungkook x reader (millie) *lower case intended* star...
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cheater by ilykthx
cheaterby ♡
«after jungkook came home the week before, drunk, and after he went rough on her; she was so excited to tell him about the surprise. but she didn't expect this...» hi! t...
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||Euphoria|| ~ Jeon Jungkook by _lee_haneul
||Euphoria|| ~ Jeon Jungkookby
"So Millennium I heard Jungkook is a big fan of your music what are your thoughts?" asked the interviewer. "I really love Jungkook's and BTS's music.&quo...
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you're next. by agustoad
you're yoongi stan
i'm coming.
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Mafia Boss (jk X Reader)  by Nimraali446
Mafia Boss (jk X Reader) by Nimra Ali
"I hate you Jungkook. You've always hurt me. You just get mad and kill people, people who mean so much to me!That day I didn't even want to escape with my eomma. Sh...
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Come back to me, love(Sequel) [Discontinued FOR NOW] by notcooldudde
Come back to me, love(Sequel) [ Dylann
The is the second book. Please read the first one. "Y/N you mean so much to me please.... Come back to me, love." ~•~ "Jungkook leave me be! I have foun...
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i am WHO by jungidongivafook
i am WHOby full name
In which y/n switches bodies with one of the famous idols, Jeon Jungkook. _________________ ©Jungidongivafook/2018~ forever (🤡)
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Jeon Jungkook One Shots by bang_tan_fan
Jeon Jungkook One Shotsby ♔ Rose ♔
A collection of Jungkook One Shots. Find me on tumblr @bang-tan-fan
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TROPHY WIFE⌁ JUNGKOOKby dichterliebe
Being the wife of Jeon Jungkook isn't as blinged out as (his mistress) it seems. OR ALTERNATIVELY : You were the daughter your parents always dreamed of having, quite li...
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