Episode 18: Bullying

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I was walking around with Taehyung and noticed that he is really cool for being one of the school's playboy. Everyone thinks that they are total jerks, but so far they are all been really kind and sweet to me.

While talking with Tae I could hear the girls gossiping about me. I could hear them say they how they are planing on jumping me. I also think Tae heard too because he shot them all a glare. He continued to walk me to my class and then made his way to his own.

Jungkook's POV
I was about to tell Sunni that she's not in my interest anymore. However before I could even speak she grabbed my cheeks and started to make out with me. She's a good kisser but not the person I want to make out with.

I had enough of Sunni continuing to kiss me. I pushed her back away from me. This resulted in her falling to the ground. She screamed in agony after the fall. I looked back to where I saw Tae Hyung and Y/n. All though I didn't see them anymore. Knowing Tar he pulled her away because he saw me. "Damn it" I muttered. I started to walk around looking for Y/n.

Sunni's POV
Jungkook pushed me to the ground. After I let out a yelp of pain, I stood up and walked away. He's just playing with that stupid girl. She thinks she can have him but can't have him. He's mine and everyone knows it. I just have to teach her a lesson.


I was walking to her class and saw that, that Taehyung guy dropped her off at her class room. I walked up to her desk and saw her sitting down beginning to read.

What a fucking loser. Has to sit by herself and read a book to keep herself entertained. What a pathetic bitch.

I walked up to her desk and then snatched her book from her hand. I then threw all of her things off of her desk—along with her book—with one sweep. She slightly flinched at my movement not prepared for what happened. "Awww are you scared?" I teased. She didn't looked frightened but she stayed quiet. I was started to get annoyed with her. "Ugh! You think you can ignore me! Not today you bitch!" I said as I slapped her. She teared up but was still quite. I was gonna hit her again but I was stopped.

Jungkook's POV
I heard screaming or yelling? I walked to the noise and saw Y/n. She looked upset like someone was provoking her. I then witnesses her being slapped on her cheek. I angrily looked for the person how laid a hand on her like that. To my sight I see Sunni standing above her laughing. Y/n looked like she was going to cry but she had determination in her eyes.

Where the hell is Taehyung?

Sunni looked unhappy and raised her hand—ready to strike—again. I ran over and grabbed Sunni's hand before it landed on Y/N's cheek again.

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