Episode 66: Jealousy Is Pain Filled

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Dinner was fun. All we talked about is Sunni and how she was acting like a brat. Mr. Jeon said he would hurt Jungkook if he ever went to Sunni. He wouldn't expect her as part of his family. Jungkook told him not worry because he already has someone.

The night was peaceful. We stayed laughing and talking. Jungkook drove me home. While Oppa went in his own car. He kissed me goodbye and left.


Me, Jungkook, Jin, Tae, Kia, Kris and Suna were at the mall. Suna wanted stuff for a party she was going to host. She had bought a bunch of decorations and food for the party. Now we were at a clothes store.

She picked out an outfit. "Oh N/N doesn't it look good?" She asked excitedly. I nodded in agreement. She looked at me from head to toe. "N/N you need an outfit too! Come on. I'll even pay!" She said while dragging me to a changing room. She sat me down and told me to wait.

A few minutes past and she came back with a lot of different clothes.

I changed into all of them. They were all really cute but I didn't know what to pick.

I was finally down to two outfits. One outfit was more skater/Tom boy. It was a black shirt with a skull on it. A red flannel. Deep red converse with black skinny jeans.

The second outfit was more Suna's type but it was still really cute. It was a off the shoulder crop top. It was a dark blue. At the ends of it, it was lightly ruffled. The pants were ripped up dark skinny jeans. And she brought me black high tops converse.

The outfits were really cute. I was thinking of one that I would wear more often. The tomboy one I would wear a lot. But the girl one would be to be worn at parties  or  on dates.

I decided on the Tom boy one. Suna didn't really like it all that much but she gave it to me so.

We walked out of the store and went to the food court. There was a lot to pick from. But we ended up getting chicken.

Jungkook's POV
We were eating our chicken. Nothing was happening but then Tae had to ruin it. There was food on the side of Y/N's mouth. He cleaned the food with his finger. But that's not the worst part. HE CONTINUED TO SWIPE HIS FINGER OVER HER SOFT LIPS. He licked his finger. SHE THEN PROCEEDED TO BLUSH!

Are they doing this on purpose?

I was getting really mad at them. Everyone was talking but I want I was to mad. "Kookie? Are you ok?" She asked. Now she worried about me. A minute ago she was flirting with my hyung. You know what she deserves to feel my pain. "Kook?" I snapped out of my thoughts.

"Oh yes I'm fine." I stated firmly. She flinched at my voice but continued to talk.

We were all almost done eating. The whole time she was talking to Tae. I wanted to smack him in the face as hard as I could.

I had a plan.

We were at Suna's party. I wore the outfit she got me. Me and Tae were talking on the couch. I looked for Kookie but didn't find him. I was talking to Kai a few minutes ago but some girl dragged him away. So I found Tae. If I didn't love Jungkook I would probably ask him out. But I also only think of his as a brother. But then again there Jungkook in my life. So you never know what could have happen.

I heard the door open and I saw Kookie with that Slut. She was clinging onto him. But the thing is he didn't have a problem with it.

Is he playing with my heart?

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