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Wolf's Temptation | jjk ✔ by kookieternal
Wolf's Temptation | jjk ✔by ░☆░
"Tell me you feel it too..." His lips began to trail my neck as I whimpered softly. He chuckled for a moment as he knew what he was doing to my body. "Why...
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BTS 8th Member Imagines by kpop_2k18
BTS 8th Member Imaginesby Labiba
"Don't Be Trapped In Someone Else's Dream" -V I hope you enjoy this book. Some imagines were written when I was quite young so they might b too dramatic or cli...
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[ LIFE IS ECSTASY ] + m.yg by MH0bie
[ LIFE IS ECSTASY ] + m.ygby Groovyeverywhere
❝ Life is a daily oscillation between revolt and submission. ❞ In a society where Hybrids were still rejected and discriminated, a young woman by the name of Lee Sora m...
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Idol by byeolbangtan
Idolby Kani
It has been eight whole years since their last concert. They have been replaced by younger and shinier idols now; they aren't who they were before. A chance encounter i...
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Be Mine, And Stay Mine... JJK Fanfic [Completed] by notcooldudde
Be Mine, And Stay Mine... JJK Dylann
"I'm sorry Y/N but Jungkook loves me!" "Jungkook! Jungkook, tell me she's lying. You're joking right?!" I screamed feeling heartbroken. He shocked hi...
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MY LOVER, MY LIAR by venigguk
"do you remember the dove necklace?"
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Two Different Worlds | JJK ✓ by nxarmy_26
Two Different Worlds | JJK ✓by nxarmy_26
Jungkook, comes from a rich, high class family, where he was only surroudened by rich people. Chaeyeon, comes from a poor family, where she was only surrounded by an poo...
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Save Me | Jikook by Maddie1023
Save Me | Jikookby BTS💓
"The way you're touching my arm is kind of hot." "I'm putting your IV in, Jeongguk." • • • Jikook FF In which fourth year resident Park Jimin saves J...
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Long Live The King 《《 PJM 》》# Wattys2019# by Laurawillington
Long Live The King 《《 PJM 》》# Anny Jolly
Have you ever thought of being a maid to a sick prince whom the world never knew. This is the story of how she takes care of him and him falling for her, protecting and...
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Jungkook FF- You're Only Mine by Marlyn_2005
Jungkook FF- You're Only Mineby Marlyn_2005
What happens when Y/N found out that her boyfriend, Jungkook, is cheating on her with her best friend? *I change the tittle from 'Jungkook ff-Short Story' to "Jung...
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The Truth Untold by RubabShaukat
The Truth Untoldby FanFic
Love. It is a beautiful word. One that is spoken so wonderfully about in poems and songs. It is a beautiful feeling. One that is sparkling in the eyes of couples and i...
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Who are you? (J.JK x Reader) ✔️ by Monsterkittycat12
Who are you? (J.JK x Reader) ✔️by SugaTae_Kitty
Jungkook and you were childhood friends for years, but he started to ignore you. He was planning on keeping it that way when someone he despises came back. That person a...
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Fate Met In Paradise || Jeon Jungkook by btslightning
Fate Met In Paradise || Jeon Abby
"Well, I didn't expect to see you here. What are the odds?" One love story turned into many. The domino effect of fate. Highest Story Ranking: #151 in Fate Won...
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BTS VMin Oneshots by simple_july
BTS VMin Oneshotsby Nettie
Vmin Oneshots to do something for the ship and shippers Rankings: #1- platoniclove #3- platoniclove #445- vmin #28- gosawards (2/23/19) #27- goldenoversilverawards New c...
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Calls Of Lies 《《JJK》》 by Laurawillington
Calls Of Lies 《《JJK》》by Anny Jolly
"I LOVE YOU" THE MOST EASIEST 3 WORDS IN THE WORLD TO EXPRESS YOUR LOVE. EASY TO SAY, YET HARD TO KEEP. Everyone has someone special. You had one too, but he c...
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The Cannibal ✞ kth.jjk by ulttsjeon
The Cannibal ✞ kth.jjkby ;)
[COMPLETED] "Jungkook you wouldn't eat me... I know you wouldn't!" "I'm used to eating people like you, weak, and useless. It runs in the family."
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Pregnant With Him Park Jimin  by Feisty4life
Pregnant With Him Park Jimin by Feisty4life
They say if you work right life will pay you right. What did I do to be in this whole mess of a life. Not that I'm complaining about having the baby but about having the...
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Wonderland {MYG} by knjmonostar
Wonderland {MYG}by IPurple You
His fluffy black tail swished behind him as his black berry ears twitched. His emerald eyes stared at her with a glint of mischief. "W-Who are you?" Her voice...
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11 year old idol? (BTS 8th Member) by BTS4life96
11 year old idol? (BTS 8th Member)by Park Areum
Cover by @noonajj- and @-jimints Y/N is a normal 11 year old, except for the fact she's the opposite of normal, she is in fact about to debut into a group of her friends...
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Give Up [Kim Taehyung One Shot] by dreamer1538
Give Up [Kim Taehyung One Shot]by Byun Baekhee
[Book cover made by @ImadeULook] "What if.. what if i want to give up?!" -Park ara -Kim taehyung Copyright ©by dreamer1538 All rights reserved Euphoria BTS awa...
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