Episode 75: Beat The Shit Out Of

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My eomma came and picked me up from the airport. She looked so happy to see me. She said that appa was happy that I'd come and live with them—he'd just wished it was under better circumstances.

Once I got to the new house my maids showed me around. The house was bigger than the last one. It had many rooms. There were two guess rooms, a game room, two offices, five bathrooms, an indoor pool, and huge garage and like four living rooms. It was huge.

I sent Suna a simple text,

I made it, and the house is huge!

I closed my phone and went to my room. It was already decorated. It had two was painted my favorite color. The bed had a black and white pattern. A desk in the corner.  A wall with a blanket like cloth on the wall with a bunch of pictures I had sent my mom. They were hung by fairy lights—a dark purple color—that twinkled. A white and gray carpet with beanbags scattered around.


After I was done putting my clothes and other necessity away I looked at my phone. I had so many miss calls and texts from the boys. Most of them were from Oppa. And even one from...


Suna texted and asked if it was ok to tell them. I gave her the green light.

After that I took and shower and hoped into bed.

Jungkook POV
I can't believe that she actually left. I felt so so so bad. She left because of me. Even though I couldn't control it—it was still my fault. I sent her text telling her that everyone is missing her and that I NEEDED to know where she was. She left me on read.


Suna texted us all in a group chat to go to her house in the backyard. Everyone said they would go.


I got to the house and walk to the back. Everyone was already here except Yoongi Hyung and Kris Hyung.

Suna started to talk when Yoongi came through and sat. But while he was siting he was glaring daggers at me. I gulped.

While Suna was almost done explaining that Y/N had moved to America with her parents because of an unknown reason, Kris came barging through the door. He looked so pissed off. "Hyung are you o.." Boom. He punched me.

"This is all your fucking fault! Why did you do that to her!" He yelled in my face. I slightly flinched at him. He was a bit intimidating.  I knew what he was talk my about. And of course she told him,—she always does—she won't keep anything from him.


After getting the living shit out of me by Kris Hyung, I got the living shit beat out of me by Yoongi—followed by Tae, Jimin, Jin, and Hobi Hyungs— that he then lectured me.

They all weren't happy. And I couldn't tell them why I did it. Because if I did Sunni would get the shit beat out of her and she take it out on Y/N, if she was ever seen again.....


And that's it of this book! I hope you enjoy it. It was really fun writing it and all that other shit. The sequel will be out in a week tops. It was be called....

Come back to me, love

It will be filled with a hell of a lot of plot twists. It's going to literally be an emotional roller coaster.

So stayed tuned for it. I'm going to try and make it at most 30 episodes. But hell this was supposed to be 20-40 episode and it's at fucking 75 so I don't know.

Either way, it's hopefully going to be good. Please leave a comments for any suggestions if you guys have any or any theories.

Also if you guys see that I am republishing episode it's because I am fixing mistakes.

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