Episode 33: Broken Light

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"Hello?! Y/N is that you?!"

["No hyung....... But I do know where she is now......"]

"Really? That's great news! So where is she!"

["Ummm hyung Y...Y/N..... She's..."]

"Come on Jungkook. Spit it out, where is she?"

["Hyung...... Y/N she.... She....
TheHospitalCalledAndSaidSheWasThere"] he said in one breath.

"Text me the room I'm on my way!"

["Yoongi Hy..."]

I hung up and ran to get Woozi. "WOOZI WE GOT TO GO! Y/N IS AT THE HOSPITAL!" I yelled out.

Soon I saw him with big round eyes running out the house. I followed him out the house and to the car. I hurried and got into the driver's seat. I drove off to the hospital as quickly as and as soon as possible.


We got to the hospital. I looked at my phone to see the room number before talking to the girl at the front desk. "Room 532, Min Y/N please!"

"Oh ok fifth floor!" As so as she was done I bowed and ran to the elevator. Woozi was already waiting. We got in and waited until we got the the fifth floor.

I barged through the door and saw her. She was covered in bruises. A cast around her arm and a slightly bloodied head. She looked awful.

My poor baby. Who did this!

I stood there frozen. Not able to move. Not even my eyes. It was like time stopped. I was speechless. Unable to move. Not even a finger.

My breath.

I couldn't breathe properly. Just the look of her was heart breaking. However, I didn't know how she felt. She could have felt worst than she looked.

"O.....Oppa?" She said in a shaky voice. She not only looked broken, but she had the sound of it to.

"Y/n.......... I..... You......" I said still at a lost for words. I was devastated.

"I'm ok Oppa....... Just a little bruised..." She said with a week smile.

Still trying to act strong when she's really hurting. Trying to lighten the mood when everyone is hurting.

"Y/n who? Why? Where?" I asked with only a little breath. Still shaky.  "You are not ok. Look at you, you look abused!" I said a bit louder.

She flinched at my loudness. "I.....I'm sorry...... I was at school at the bathroom. The floor was wet and I didn't notice..... I fell a lot, hints the bruises. I fell one more time..... Right on my arm. And then, snap,  there goes my arm...." She said obviously sorry.

For what though?
For being hurt?
For crying?
For not telling me the truth?
For what?

Why was she sorry?

I caressed her head softly. Trying to make sure I don't hurt her more. Trying to comfort her. Trying to be the one how helps her heal. I started to cry silently. I hushed and cooed her. Hoping she will be ok.....

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