Episode 59: Gay?!

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After dancing me and the boys were talking some more. Kai had his arm around my shoulder. It reminds me of when we were kids. Kai would always put his arm around me when he knew I was upset. Guess that was just when we were kids.

We were talking about what they've been doing for the year. Kai said he's been practicing his singing.
Chen and Kris with there dancing. For all of them it shows. They are literally good at everything.

"So sweets. Who's dreamy mic handsome?" Asked Kai. Sweets is a childhood name that they gave me. I got it because I ate so much candy. 

I laughed at his comment and was about to reply when...

I was listening to the four of them talk. She looks so comfortable together. She was laughing and talking so much with them. One of the guys had an arm around her shoulder.

I continued to listen when I heard something that made my so mad. "So sweets..." I didn't hear anything after that because I pushed my chair and it made a loud noise. She laughed and was about to answer when I cut her off.

"We need to talk like NOW." I told her and dragged her away. I pulled her to a corner.

"What's wrong Kookie?" She asked startled. She looked confused. Why are you confused!?

"Who are those guys and why is that one *points at Kai* flirting with you!" I yelled. It was a loud whisper I should say.

She laughed at me. She's laughing at me now!? "Kookie hahahaha Kai. Kai is AHHAHAAHHA gay. And they are childhood friends ahhahaha!" She said in between laughs. My cheeks  started to burn. I felt my face turn a bright red. She laughed more. I felt so embarrassed. I pushed her back to her friends and started to talk to my hyungs. My cheeks still red from embarrassment. I could hear her talking. She was telling them about right now. I wanted to scream.

There was laughter followed after. My cheeks redder than ever. I them heard on of them say, "He's a possessive one. You should have gone with that one guys from middle school. What was his name? ..... Kyung soo. He was nice."

"What?! No!" She screamed.

"Ok then. You should have gone with Chen. Remember when he had that crush on you when we were younger?" They all laughed except one.

They were laughing all day and all night.

"Guys we should go eat. It's on me~!" Yelled one of the boys.

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