Episode 58: Dance Party

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We were apparently almost there. And again Oppa put a blindfold on me. However before he did a wave of recognition hit me. I knew these streets all to well. This was a street from where me and Grams would dance. The Fashioned Dances dance studio. We would go here every day. I would come here and do random dances. The lady that worked here asked to show one of my dances to her class.

Sadly after Grams died I never danced or sang again. It was hard losing her. She was like my other mother. She meant the world to me. I closed myself off from people for a week. Mom and dad were having a hard time to get me to be around people. I lost all my friends. I tossed my glasses out and became a target to bullies.

Remembering the time brought tears brim to my eyes. My vision blurred. Even with the blindfold I was able to notice that we were right in front of the place. Chills ran through my body.

"O...Oppa... Are we at F...fashioned d..dances?" I asked in a whisper. I felt his body build up tension. I took off the blindfold. Slowly. Carefully.

Seeing the place brought more tears to my eyes. I wiped them and got out of the car. "MIN YOONGI! She doesn't have the blindfold on!" screamed Momo.

"Hey! She. She already knew where we were...," he spoke quietly. Everyone's eyes averted to me. Questions filling their eyes.

I explained how I knew where we were going. The eyes of many people were filled with sadness and petty.

I shook the feeling away and smiled. Everyone else did the same and we walked in. Suna told the lady somethings. She then called us all and we followed her.


The boys have done two songs that they have been doing. They were really good. The songs that they were dancing to were songs they made. They were No More Dreams and Bulletproof pt2.

Then the boys said that they want me to dance to a song. They picked. The song they got was Killing Me by a group called Ikon.

(Pretend this is you)

Omo I've only watched to choreo. I've never actually danced to it. I'm going to look so dumb.

Claps were heard when I was done. Then a flash of blood rises to my cheeks. A pair of arms wrap around me and lift me into the air. I laugh and beg Kai to put me down. He tells me how I'm still great at both.

Next is the girls turns. The do a song by MomoLand. The song they pick is called Bboom Bboom.

(Pretend this is them)

We continue to dance all day. When we left the people had to kick us out. We didn't use any of the other games brought. It was fun to dance again. I missed the old times. I missed the three idiots. I guess I got all five back. Life can be good to me sometimes.

I will always remember this day. No matter what happens.

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