Episode 29: Like An Idiot

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"We should celebrate!" Said Tae. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Good! Cause I brought a picnic basket!" Yelled someone from behind me. The guys were setting the place up while I was smiling like an idiot. My heart beating 50 miles a minute. I was so happy! While everyone was doing their thing I was looking at the garden. I sighed in awe. I was about to turn around when someone placed their arm on my shoulder.

"It's official now... So you know what that means right?" I shook my head in confusion. He giggled and continue, "That means no more flirting with other guys. It hurt when I saw you with others, ya know that!" I just giggled at his comment. I nodded my head at his silly question. He grabbed my hand and walked me to the hurried picnic. 

"Aww look at the love birds! They're already being all lovey-dovey. Cute!" Said Jin.

The night was fun. And I guess you can say exciting. I was still smiling like an idiot.

I bet I looked like a creep, because of how wide my smile is.

The next day me and Oppa walked to school. We were walking in a speechless environment. It wasn't awkward though. I guess you could say it was comforting.

We had gotten to school and I see Jungkook waiting at the gate. I guess Oppa saw me looking at him because he told me to go. "Hi Kookie!" I said happily.

"Hi my Beautiful Nerd!" He said. I gave him a slight pout and he continued to talk. "Hey at least I said 'beautiful'." I nodded in agreement slightly. Letting him off the hook. He was right he could still be acting cold to me. But instead he was acting loving to me. Itwas a great feeling.

The whole day I was basically with Jungkook. And again I was smiling like an idiot.

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