Episode 22: Regret

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I've been going to school but I've been lonely. Both Momo and Suna are going to be gone for a couple of weeks. Suna is gonna be gone for three weeks while Momo is gonna be gone for four. So I was alone for three.

A half of a week has gone by and I feel miserable. Life is boring and depressing with only two friends.


Wednesday, I was sitting alone as I've been doing for the past two days. When someone came to the table I was sitting at.
"Awwwww would you look at this?" The bitch said with a fake frown. I frowned as so as I saw her in front of me. "all alone. Where's Jungkook? He declined your pitiful request of dating him? Duh why wouldn't he, he'd pick me over you, you ugly bitch!"

"What do you want Sunni? I don't have time for you bullshit." After I said this Sunni rolled her eyes and slammed her hands on the table. Trying to scare me I guess? It wasn't working one bit. The only thing she was doing, was annoying me.

Jungkook's POV
I was sitting with my hyungs while looking at Y/N. She was all alone, again. Ive noticed she's been alone for the past couple of days.

"Jungkook, are you looking at Y/N again?" Taehyung hyung asked. I turned to him for a few seconds while shaking my head. I stopped and looked at him in a confused way. Then a heard a hissing yell.

"UGH WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME!!!" Hissed an annoyed Sunni.

"I don't have to acknowledge you!" yelled back a slightly more annoyed    Y/N.

"You are one fucked up bitch, aren't you? Trying to act all tough, but in reality you are a soft little girl who can't defend herself. HA! I bet you've always been that way!" Sunni yelled into Y/N's face. Y/N looked like she was going to cry, but she kept it in.

Though Sunni was right. Y/N has always been that way. Ever since her grandparents died she's been that way.

"Sunni, honey. GET. OUT. OF. MY. FACE! I'm not the fucked up bitch it's you! I've done nothin' to you and all you've done to me, is harassed me. FOR WHAT?" yelled back Y/N. Anger slowly making its way to her annoyed expression.

"Oh my god, here we go again....." Sunni laughed while rolling her eyes.
"You're just a depressed little girl. Trying to ack tough, so everybody doesn't know that you are crying. I bet you are just using Jungkook to prove a point to someo.."

"Ok ok wait, Stooooop! Hold on just a minute." Y/n cut Sunni off. Doing so she put her pointer finger to Sunni's lips. "First of all, what point would I be trying to prove. Second, You know nothing about me so, why don't you shut your ugly, fake ass up. Thirdly, is really about Jungkook? Sunni! You broke up with HIM, HIM! You are acting like he broke up with you. If you really liked him you wouldn't leave him in the dust. You ruined it for yourself, no one but you did this. Look around you made a sene because you are still butthurt that Jungkook moved on. You're just wasting my time! I don't need your sorry ass giving me negative vibes!" Y/N seemed really annoyed with Sunni. Sunni was being a real fucker to Y/N this past month, and it was out of no where.

"You're one bitch!" Sunni said as she slapped Y/N across the face. She slapped her hard enough where Y/N now instantly had a red hand mark on her face. I ran towards Y/N because Sunni had the guts to lay her hands on Y/N again. Sunni started to raise her hand again.

Was she about to slap her again?

I ran as fast as I could to get to her.
I got to where the two of them were arguing. I grabbed Sunni's hand and swatted it away. "Don't ever touch her again! You hear me? Because if you do I'll make you regret it!" I yelled at Sunni. I turned around leaving Sunni stunned. I looked at Y/N's face and saw that she was trying to hold tears back. I looked back at Sunni and gave her a deadly look. I walk Y/N out of the school.

We walk to her house, or Hyung's house. I got her into bed and went to the kitchen and got frozen vegetables. I placed it on her cheek where she got hit.

Yoongi's POV
I saw Y/N arguing with Sunni. I've never seen her so upset. And since when did Sunni talk to her.

Soon after about five minutes of watching them argue I stop looking at them, but I was still listening. Sunni was just being petty. I knew that Y/n could stand up for her self. She doesn't need anyone by her side babying her.

10 Minutes past and I heard a slap. I looked at the girls and Y/N had a red hand mark on her face. I got up and asked what happened. The dude I asked said that Sunni slapped Y/N. I started to speed walking towards them. Before I was half way I saw Jungkook running to Y/N.

He must really care about her.... I've made a big mistake trying to split them up.

What do I do now?

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