Episode 68: Flashbacks

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Jungkook came to pick me up from my house with Jimin. I have Tae over because he was with Oppa. But he left with the three of us. We were going to the mall just to hang out. 


We stopped at the food court and got some chicken, again. We were talking. I thought of something amazing I could do for Jungkook. "Hey guys while you guys finish eating I'll be at a store I need to get something. Be back in a bit!" I said as I started walking away.

Jungkook's POV
Jimin was staring at me. I hummed at him and he spoke. "She's that girl?" I looked at him and looked away.

I knew who she was. Even before we started dating. She was so different from back then. She didn't wear her glasses. She got hella smarter. And she got so much more beautiful. She's got even more lonely. But she did toughened up.

I sighed and nodded. "Wait so she's the girl you talked about. Your childhood friend?" Tae asked.

"Yea. That's her. She's changed over the years. She's so much different from when I met her.... I think she doesn't remember me....." I trailed off.

~ 10 years ago~
I was walking in the park. My head hung low. I sat down on one of the benches. I was just there thinking to myself.

I was in the middle of my thoughts when a loud girl voice was heard. I got up and got closer to the voice. "....cares about you! Your just a pathetic girl. You deserve to die!" I hear. I looked to see who the voice belonged to. It looked like a girl who I think is younger than me. And two other girls behind her. And then one the floor curled up in a ball is another. I looked at the girl on the floor she looked scared.

The one that was yelling kicked the girl one the floor, spat at her and then walked away with the other two. She slowly got up. She started to walk but her legs gave in and she fell.

I slowly made my way to her. She was shaking.

Was she cold? She was also crying.

I walked up to her and spoke, "Are you alright?" She looked up at me. Her eyes watery. She slowly shook her head.

I explained that I saw what happened, but a question stuck in my head, "Why'd they do that to you?"

"Because I'm not like them. I don't have friends. I like to read and be comfortable. I'm... Different..."

"So what does that have to do with anything? And I'm sure you have a friend." I said as I gave her my handkerchief. She held it tightly.

"I don't know but.... I don't know. And no I don't have any..... I've never have..." I gave her a pained looks and lightened up.

"You have a friend tho!"

"W..Who would want to be friends with m...me?"

"Who wouldn't? And that person is me! I want to be you friend!"

"Oh no. I..it's fine. You seem like a popular kid. You wouldn't want to be seen around me..."

"Sure I do! You are my new friend!"

She smiled lightly. She nodded her head. "Min Y/N!" She perked up.

"Jeon Jungkook!"

~A year later~

"Kookie! Can I come over?" Asked Y/N. I nodded and brought her to my house. We went in and straight to my room.

We hung out all day. We were still each other's only friend. But we loved each other so it was ok. We were inseparable.

Until later that day.....

My parents were yelling at each other. They've been so mean to each. They were worst that ever. "Your a SLUT! Me and MY son will be leaving!" I didn't full understand what was happening.


The next day Dad got all my stuff and put it in the car. I watched him. I was getting tired so I went to mom. She was looking at me weirdly. "Eomma!" I said as I grabbed her legs. She kicked me off. I looked at her confused. "Eomma?" She hissed at me.

"Don't ever do that again!" I hear appa. He picked me up and put my in the car.

He started to drive away from the house. "EOMMA!" I screamed. I tried to open the door but they were locked. My dad took me away from that women. I never saw her again. But I also never saw her again.

I shifted in my seat. I looked down at my feet. Replaying things that happened.

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