Episode 63: Mr. Jeon

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I was getting ready. I wanted to wear something cute. I was going through my closet and could find nothing. I struggle to find anything good to wear.
Since I could find nothing cute I went to look for something elegant.

While looking I found something cute. It was just what I was looking for. A cute black and white dress.

I found some knee high socks to go with the dress. For my makeup I added light foundation and clear mascara. I put my favorite rose perfume on and my black converse. I wanted to Mr. Jeon to know who I really was so I wore my glasses.

For my hair I let light curls on my shoulders and walked out. But before was out of my room I saw my black beanie on my door. I grabbed it and put in on while walking to the living room.


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The door bell rang. I got up and went to the door. I saw Jungkook there. He looked so cute! He was also wearing his glasses. Ah! I want to pinch his cheeks! He has on a pink jacket and a white shirt. His shirt looked like it was the sky or the sea. He was even wearing a choker. And I think I saw some pink highlights in his hair.

Jungkook POVI knocked on the door to the house

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Jungkook POV
I knocked on the door to the house. A minute later she was standing there. So beautiful. I stood there in awe.

She was wearing a dress. She doesn't really wear dresses. She mostly wearing pants and a sweater. Or at school the uniform.

She probably caught that I was staring. She giggled and then spoke. "Jungkookie~" she almost sang. I came back to my senses and hugged her. He sent engulfed me. She always smelt like a meadow field. I buried my head into her neck. She laughed again and grabbed my hand. After a while of my laying in her neck she moved to my car. I huffed that she wanted to go. I got in and drove to my house.

Mr. Jeon POV
Jungkook left to get this girl that's managed to change his heart. She had to be great.

I made dinner. We were having.... Meat. Like always. Jungkook has always loved meat. More than anything in the world.


I heard the door open then close. "Dad!" Jungkook called out. I walked out of the kitchen and saw Jungkook with a beautiful girl next to him.

We made eye contact and she smiled. Aw she is beautiful. "Jungkook you've pick a beautiful young lady. What's you name young one?" I asked.

"Oh hi, Mr. Jeon! My name is Min       Y/N!" She bowed after her little introduction.

"Well welcome! Come on and eat with me and Jungkook!" I said proudly. I lead them to the kitchen.

We we eating in silence. "So Y/N. Tell me a bit about yourself."

"Um well. I am currently living with my aunt and cousin. My parents are in America. Um sorry but I don't know what else there is to tell."

"Min.. You last name sounds familiar. Who are you parents or aunt. "

"My father is a business man. My aunt is from my father's side of the family. It may sound familiar because I am a cousin of Jungkook's friends."

"Dad she is Suga's younger cousin." Jungkook spoke, joining our conversation.

I nodded knowingly. Suga is a cold kid. This girl seems nothing like him.

"Are you America yourself?" I asked. Her name sounds nothing like Korean.

She nodded. "Yes, my mother is half American. They are there for her work and for family"


We talked more about her and a little about Jungkook. She is a very sweet girl. I see why Jungkook took an interest in her. She's so kind that she's managed to change him.

We finished eating and I started to clean up. Like any other girl I imagined her and Jungkook going to snuggle together. So I sent them off.

I was washing the dishes now when a voice was heard. "Hello again Mr. Jeon! Do you need any help with the dishes?"

She came and helped me? Why? "Oh no dear. I am fine. Go with Jungkook."

"Are you sure Sir? You worked hard on that delicious dinner. Let me help clean up."

"Are you sure? You might ruin that---"

"Nonsense! In fact you keep Jungkook company while I finish cleaning."

"Oh it---"

"Sir... Please let me do this. Relax you look like a busy man. Take a break and rest with your son while I finish. Now shu.." She laughed at the end of her mini speech. She is a kind girl.

Before walking to the living room I spoke. "Um Y/N!"

"Yes Mr. Jeon?"

"Please call me dad?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! You are like a perfect daughter I never had. And you are always welcome!"

"Thank you Sir... I mean Dad!"

I laughed and went to Jungkook. I saw him on his phone while sitting on the couch. I sat next to him and he turned his phone off.

"She is the best person I've ever met. She is perfect for you. You've pick the right girl Jungkook."

"She is everything and more. She is my everything. I love her so much."

"I'm proud! She is a great girl..... And she's my.... A daughter! Aww a daughter!" He laughed. Something he hasn't done in a long time. She really has changed him.

After what the Bitch did to us he deserves her. I hope she won't do the same thing that she did. I hope she will take care of him. I hope that she is better than... Than that women. She needs to be better. Jungkook doesn't need another person doing that to him. Not now. Not ever. He needs to be happy.

He needs to forget about her. He doesn't need to be hurt after finding out how to be happy again. And he needs to stay this happy boy.


Wow! My longest chapter!
1020 words! I promised a long chapter but wow!

Who do you think this other person is? Who could hurt Jungkook to the point of him being a playboy?

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