Episode 64: Prank Gone Wrong

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It's been a while since Sunni did anything. Maybe she finally gave up. 

Jungkook's father is really the best dad. He's been so kind to me. And it's only been two days. He come and picks me and Jungkook up and drops me off. He really is lovely. I really don't mind calling him Dad. He treats me like a real daughter so why not.


I wake up to light shining on my face. I slowly flutter my eyes open. When I open my eyes I start to scream. While I was screaming I managed to fall off of my bed. I turned to my corner. "You're a jerk ya know that?!" I yelled. All I heard was laughing. I huffed my checks.

Yoongi POV
I woke to the sound of screaming. It sound like Y/N. I rushed to her room and saw her sat in a corner. I looked around more and saw Woozi laughing his ass off. "You ass what did you do?! I woke up because of you!" He stopped his laughing. He stood up and bowed.

"S..Sorry Hyung. But I didn't do anything..."

"Oh yeah! Then what's wrong with her! And why did she scream bloody murder!" I yelled while pointing at the girl in the corner.

"Hyung all I did was come in her room to wake her up. But when I got she was already so I came right here and made she woke up. She opened her eyes and then started to scream." I started to laugh at her. Woozi started again. Ahh these kids. What will I do with them?

Oppa came in the room and started to yell at Woozi. I wanted laugh. I turned my head and saw Woozi. He looked as if he saw a ghost.

Oppa stopped yelling after awhile. Then there was laugher. I thought of something sad and I started to cry. I turned to Oppa and said, "Oppa why are you laughing?!" I tried my best to sound like I was crying. He stopped and came to me. He wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sorry. Did he actually scare you that much?" I hummed in response. While Oppa was talking to me I was looking at Woozi. I smirked and he was shocked. Oppa stopped hugging me and went to get ready as well I did.

I got ready and walked out of my room. I ate and saw Oppa come downstairs. I smirked. "Oppa! Woozi tried to scare me again." I poured. He looked at Woozi.

"Hyung I didn't she's lying!" He was pouting now. Oppa told me ok and started to chase Woozi.


Oppa ended up chasing Woozi all the way to school. When I finally caught up Oppa had Woozi pined to the floor. I started to laugh. Then the gang came and surrounded is one by one. We all were laughing. The warning bell rang and we started to walk to class. My 'brothers' are such dorks. And I love Oppa that he would beat his own brother up just for me. I feel special. I got to class and waited for my teachers.

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