Episode 41: Two More Days

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Jungkook's POV
I saw Y/N walk away from Sunni after Tae was done yelling at me. I was about to get up and chase after her. Until someone pushed my shoulder back down. I looked to see who it was and it was Jin. Our eomma of the group. "Hyung I have to.."

"Kook you have to remember why you haven't been talking or seeing her this whole time. There's only a few more days until Saturday," he reminded me of why I've been hurting these few days.

"But Hyung she's hurting. I don't care if Yoongi Hyung hates my guts for going near her. I need to be there with her."

"Kook. wait a little. I'll go have Taehyung talk to her. She's find Jk, she's a strong girl."

"But Hyung, she need..."

"Jungkook, end of discussion!" He said with anger heard. Most likely because I was arguing with him. It still shocked me. Jin Hyung rarely gets mad.

I looked down at my feet, "yes Hyung.... Sorry"


I've asked TaeTae two days later to talk to my precious nerd.

"Ok, talk to her and get as much as you can out of her. Like why was she crying that day. Then tell me and we will make Sunni regret what she did to my love. Got it?"

"Ah~ yes Kookie. Our golden maknae. Gosh Jungkook you've fallen hard for my princess."


"What? I meant as a sister/ best friend. Geez chill you tits Jungkook!"

He came back with rather interesting information. However he said he made a promise with N/N not to do anything he'd regret. Understandable, but she never said anything to me. A smirk formed on my face. Sunni will regret ever laying a finger on her.

The day went on. More of a drag this weeks been. Probably because I can't see my beautiful nerd.

I was looking at her contact. It was so tempting to push that's call button and start talking to her. But I couldn't. No communication. Honestly I don't even know how Yoongi Hyung would find out if we did start texting. Not going to risk it though. No way Jose.


The end of the day came rather sluggish. Time to put my play into action. I left a note in Sunni's locker after lunch telling her to meet me at the back of the school. I'd told her that I was Y/N trying to surrender.

She came rather quickly. I was hiding be hide a bush by the the school.

I covered her eyes with my hands. She was about to speak or scream but I cut her off. "Listen here Sunni, I'm not     Y/N. I'm here to tell you to leave Jungkook and Y/N alone! Stay away from them! If you go near anyone of them you will be dead! Especially if I see you near Y/N! Got it!?" I said in a deep voice. Trying to scare her. Hoping she listen to my warning.

The she just... giggled? "Oh dear boy. You can't keep me away. I will ruin their relationship one way or another. Watch me!" She laughed historically.

What a creep.

I pressed down her pressure point. She winced in agony. A small yelp escaping her lips. While she looked down I ran.

Hope she takes my warning, or else her life will be a hell. I'm not her Ginny pig and I will stand for my love.

Gross, I'm so fucking cheesy. It's disgusting.

Just two more days until she can be in my arms again

Two more days? Wow!
Two more days until I can hold her.
Two more days until I can see her.
Two more days until I can be near her.
Two more days until I can love her.

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