Episode 23: Forgiveness

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To you and Kookie<3

Oppa: Jungkook and Y/N can you guys meet me at the restaurant down the street from my house?

Jungkook and I had gotten a text from Oppa. He asked if we could meet him. I was still upset that he's trying to split me and Jungkook up. I know we aren't dating, but I feel like we really are. He asked what he should reply.

To you and Kookie<3

Oppa: I know you guys are still upset at me. But can you please meet up with me?

Kookie: Sure hyung. We will meet you. What time?

Oppa: How bout 10 minutes?

You: Sure Oppa. We see you there.

I locked my phone and looked at Jungkook. He looked as if he had sad eyes. "I'm fine Kookie, please stop worrying."

"How did.."

"You're eyes say it all. Your eyes are like open books. I can read all your emotions. You look sad. " I said. He then nodded and continue to stay quiet.


Jungkook and I walked to the restaurant. We were quite, but the quiet was as if it was soothing.

We saw Oppa sitting at a table and walked over to him. He had been fidgeting his fingers when we walked up to him.

He was talking for a while. Like if he was rambling to avoid something. Jungkook caught on and said, "Hyung what's the real reason we are here."

"Ok ok, look...." Oppa started, "I'm. Ok, I'm sorry for... ya know" I shook my head to let him know I didn't know what he meant. I clearly did but I wanted him to say it. "I'm sorry! Ok! I know trying to split you guys up was wrong and I'm sorry. I just didn't want you to hurt my precious Y/N. I would hurt you if you did, but I also didn't want to do that." Very clearly you can see in his eyes he was being genuine. He also had some regret in there to.

"Ohh Oppa I forgive you! I can't blame you!" I said while hugging him tightly.

"I also forgive you Hyung. I understand where you're coming from." Jungkook said after me.

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