Episode 37: Stay Apart

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The next few days, I've been inside my room afraid to leave. Then Monday came around. Time to go back to school. I left my phone in the living room. Therefore I have no way to communicate with anyone. The whole time Woozi was leaving food at my door. When the close was clear I open it quickly and pull the food in.

I was all ready and I took a deep breath. I slowly was walking out of my room. I looked around and saw no one. I was fully out and relaxed thinking no on was there. "Why've you stay in your room for three days straight? And who are you looking for?" I froze in place. Not knowing what to do, say or even where to look. "Ya' know it's disrespectful to ignore someone. You're better than that." I now knew who was talking to me. Yoongi Oppa, or Suga as his friends like to call him.

"I... Umm...." Still at lost of words he spoke again.

"Alright. You are grounded. Here straight after school. You are not allowed to hang or talk to Jungkook this week. No if ands or buts. If I see or hear that you've been with him you will be punished more. Do you understand, I also dont care if you guys are still together. You are not allowed to see him, understood?" I nodded, my head still hung low.

Oppa drove me to school. When we got to the front gate I see Jungkook. I was about to walk to him. "What did I say at the house? Have you forgotten already?"

Yes I have. Totally. Not remembering a single word.

I continued the wall into school. Jungkook was about to swing his arm around me when.......

Jungkook's POV
I was waiting for Y/N at the school gates. When I saw her here she was with Yoongi hyung. She lightly smiled, but stopped when he said something to her. That little smile disappeared in less than half a second. Whatever he said upset her.

I was walking to her. It looked as if she was avoiding me. I was about to pull her to me when I was stopped. "Hey babe..Hyung?"

"Yes that's me"

"What's the matter?"

"Stay away from Y/N this week. She will not be able to text or call you either. Understand!" His voice went colder than how it normally is. This made me flinch. "Understand!" He repeated.

"Um why?-"

"Do you Understand?!" I nodded. He looked more upset than usual. He nodded and than left me there dumbfounded.

This is going to be a long week. I hope Sunni doesn't find out about this. She would totally take advantage of this.

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