Season One, Episode One: Intro

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Hi welcome to my story! This is going to be a long story sorry! But I hope you enjoy it! There will be

Slight Cutting

So if you don't want to read a story with any of the warning type things, I'm sorry but my story is not for you. But if you stay I hope you enjoy and no hate. Cuz fuck you for hate go suck a toe. Thank you but on to the story.

REMEMBER (Y/N) is you


My name is y/n I live in South Korea. The name of my town is called, Seoul. I was born and raised here. I have two lovely bestfriends. Of course they are both girls, the first one is Momo. She is my number one go to but my number two is Suna. Momo and Suna have been with me since I was 10. But now I'm 19.

That's enough about me
lets get to my miserable life.

Authors POV
It was another Monday morning, you wake up get ready for school and then greet your mother. "Good morning eomma, how are you?" You ask as you always do in the morning.

"Good my dear, how are you? Oh and I made breakfast today since I got up early," your mother states in a sweat voice.

"I'm well thank you for asking, and thank you for the food!"

"Your welcome. Now hurry and eat befor your late to class!" You run on over to the kitchen to only see food.


You got to school and made your way to the cafeteria. After you spotted Momo and Suna you go over to the table they are sitting at. While they eat you talk about nonsense.

Jungkooks POV
I was being talked to but I was paying zero attention to what they were saying, I was to busy looking at my ex. "JUNGKOOK ARE YOU EVEN LISTENIN!" yelled Taehyung.

"huh?? Oh yes I am listening continue what you were saying," I said still looking at her.

"You lying little bastard! You didn't hear a thing, I said did you!?" He said before flicking my forehead.

"Ahh! I'm sorry Tae. I just can't believe that I, ME, Jeon Jungkook, got dumped. You want to know the worst thing? Its that I didn't finish my game before she dumped me. Like who does that!?"

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