Lucy's p.o.v. (First one !)

Last night lily had spoke to me about what was going on but as much as I appreciated her trusting me I still felt like she was hiding something .Im not going to push if out of her she'll tell me in her own time but all I could do was be her shoulder to cry for.I heard Jesse and Ava cry from upstairs I went up the stairs quietly opening the door I went to pick up the twins as I cradled them in my arms there crys softened . I decided to take them downstairs with me so they wouldn't disturb lily while she was sleeping .

As I left the room I saw lily rub her eyes she looked exhausted the black bags under her eyes "sushhh go back to sleep I'm going to take the twins out you just sleep all day"with that she murmured something that I didn't catch before she fell back to sleep .

I made my way down the stairs while holding the twins I heard them both make funny noises .I chuckled as they starting blowing raspberries at each other .I made my way in the kitchen going into there bag I found some baby food and starting feeding then both. Since they were only 6 months old they still couldn't eat proper food .

I got some clothes out there bag and dressed Ava in a little sun dress and Jesse in some blue shorts and a top that said I love my mummy . after they both had been changed I brought them up to my room placing them on the bed I slipped into a sundress and shades and put on some ballet pumps .I applied minimal make up and curled my long blonde hair.i grabbed my phone and tools the twins downstairs I put them in there car carriers .

Everything was packed was packed there stroller ,bag and they were buckled in .It was only a 10 minute drive to the mall but the whole time there was filled with the babies giggles and funny sounds it warms my heart to hear babies happy I know I was young but I've always wanted a kid but I'm saving myself for Brad Simpson (The Vamps) he was perfect the way he would pull the stupidest of faces and still look gorgeous and that we were both musical.

Ryan's p.o.v

It had been 2 days since lily had left Justin was in a state he had been gone since that day she left no one had any idea of where he or she was scooter was at Lily's house while Kenny was out looking .I was at Justin's while pattie and Jeremy looked for Justin .

The amount of times I had called Justin and been answered with the now familiar "hey it's Justin I can't pickup the phone right now ".I was very concerned at this point Justin had never been out this long without telling someone let alone ignoring his phone .

Hours passed and the dreaded thoughts swirled around my brain " where is he ?" "what if he's dead""justing answer you phone" I had been up for over 24 hours and I felt myself to drift into a well needed sleep not caring that I was on the sofa .

I jolted up to be woken by a load crash that was ear pitching it sounded like glass breaking .Rushing to my feet I grabbed the nearest weapon I could find I case we were getting robbed which tired out to be a baseball bat .

I searched around the down stairs not finding anything there was only one room I hadn't checked was the kitchen then came another smash I ran towards the kitchen fear and panicked fuelling my adrenaline .

As the kitchen came in sight I walked in a soon as I stepped foot the bat dropped from my hand and my jaw hung low .There in front on me was Justin throwing plates at the wall like there was no tomorrow his face was sad and life-less .He started throwing punches at the wall his fists flying through the dry wall .I ran towards him "JUSTIN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" he looked towards me stumbling forward he embraced me in a hug I suddenly got a hit of school on his breathe "JUSTIN ARE YOU DRUNK?" he have me a cheesy smile "no (slurred) I decided to come see my best fri.....endddddddddd" he said bowing down to me ok he's defiantly drunk "come on Justin we need to get you to bed " that's when it started he starting smashing nor plates throwing some of them at me .I ran towards the phone texting Kenny to come over and help I went back to Justin.

I ran back in the kitchen dodging plates and punched Justin threw at me .I grabbed his body and. Threw him over my shoulder . ignoring the kicks and tantrums he threw .I opened his door placing him on his bed and placing a trash can by his bed for when he needs to throw up.

The pain in his eyes before he blacked out told me he's hurting and hurting bad.


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