Today i was planning a date for me and demi since we coulndt go out due to fans and paparazzi i decided to plan a outdoor picnic under the stars.

Lilys was out at the spa for the day while i was planning our special little suprise.

I decided to go down to walmart to get some ingredents for our picnic i grabed my purse,phone and keys and head outside into my range rover that was parked in the drive.

I really wanted to make this date special because lilly means alot to me and i want to keep her safe.

Lilys had told me about  her past the abuse,the self harm and it really broke my heart to know she was hurting and had been broken.

I pulled into walmart walking into the shop i grabbed my sunglasses and placed them on to try and keep my head down the last thing i need is to be spotted .I walked around grabbing the stuff ill need for our picnic i also grabbed some sour patch kids because i know hoe much lilly loves them.

After paying for everything i made my way back to the car placing the bags in the back  before setting off home .

I really wanted to write lilly a song to show her how much she means to me , once i got home i carried in the bags emptying them and putt-ting everything away .

I ran to the built in studio we had in the house and grabbed my note pad jotting down whatever came into my head.

The day I first met you

You told me you'd never fall in love

But now that I get you

I know fear is what it really was

Now here we are,

So close yet so far.

Haven't I passed the test?

When will you realize,

Baby, I'm not like the rest?

These words came from my heart i really wanted to treat lilly right after everything she's been through im going to be there for her no matter what when she's in labour ill be there , when she needs someone to shout at and most importantly ill be there for her no matter what whether were together or not i promised myself id never hurt her and im going to keep that promise.Even though im 18 (i know demi's actually 21 but in the story she's 18) and shes 16 i love her and no matter what  anyone says its not going to change that. i carried on writing.

Don't wanna break your heart

Wanna give your heart a break

I know you're scared it's wrong

Like you might make a mistake

There's just one life to live

And there's no time to wait, to waste

So let me give your heart a break, your heart a break

Let me give your heart a break, your heart a break

Oh yeah, yeah

On Sunday you went home alone

There were tears in your eyes

I called your cell phone, my love

But you did not reply

The world is ours. If we want it,

We can take it if you just take my hand.

There's no turning back now.

Baby, try to understand

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