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Lemon book(WoF) (Maybe) by Bedrockthynightwing
Lemon book(WoF) (Maybe)by Bedrockthynightwing
I'm not sure on if I will do it
  • lemons
  • wingsoffirelemons
  • bedrockthynightwing
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Bedrock by irfvan
Bedrockby Akridge
ruby, blue and green, neon too
  • anger
  • beauty
  • innocence
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Baby Bieber                       (A  Justin Bieber fan fic) by welovejustindrew
Baby welovejustindrew
Lily braun is just a regular girl that just turned 16.Out of the public eye she is the secret daughter of Scooter Braun but what happens when a harmless night of relievi...
  • romance
  • justin
  • bieber
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Stronger Than Legends (Bedrock Breakers) by CandyThePuppy
Stronger Than Legends (Bedrock Candy
In a world of endless opportunities it is hard to believe there are limits. But every person has their strengths and weaknesses. People say that your past helps shape yo...
  • herobrine
  • sparky
  • bedrockbreakers
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Face reveal  by Bedrockthynightwing
Face reveal by Bedrockthynightwing
This is for real, and this pic will for ever stay on, just try not to die
  • bedrockthynightwing
  • bedrock
  • reveal
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Crawlers by The_Dragon_Squad
Crawlersby The Dragon Squad
Demons named Luzz patrol the face of the Earth, controlled by house-sized crawlers. If nothing is done to stop them, there will be no more Earth. Only a few humans survi...
  • rocket
  • crawlers
  • moon
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Songs by Bedrockthynightwing
Songsby Bedrockthynightwing
Draft for me
  • bedrock
  • bedrockthynightwing
The legend of Steve and Alex by AGamer1243
The legend of Steve and Alexby AGamer1243
The legend of Steve and Alex Is a short chapter book.Check out my other books how to build a Wooden house and Steves adventure
  • mine
  • alex
  • lava
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Life as a diabetic  by Bedrockthynightwing
Life as a diabetic by Bedrockthynightwing
Derp, look at the title, blood, needles and other stuff will be here
  • bedrock
  • bedrockthynightwing
Wings of fire oc by Bedrockthynightwing
Wings of fire ocby Bedrockthynightwing
I've needed to do this for a long time now(and army cats)
  • bedrock
  • bedrockthynightwing
Aniyla & William BedRock by jmillerxxp44
Aniyla & William BedRockby jmillerxxp44
  • william
  • bedrock
  • eggplant
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Darn cat by Bedrockthynightwing
Darn catby Bedrockthynightwing
I can't feel sadness!!!!!!!!
  • bedrock
  • bedrockthynightwing
OC book by Bedrockthynightwing
OC bookby Bedrockthynightwing
Ok this isn't a OC story but my rp characters
  • bedrock
  • bedrockthynightwing
Tags by Bedrockthynightwing
Tagsby Bedrockthynightwing
You can guess
  • bedrock
  • bedrockthynightwing
  • tagged
Caveless Girl by PerkyGoth14
Caveless Girlby PerkyGoth14
Barney walks home from work one day to find a young caveless teenage girl with no home or family of her own and decides to allow the girl to stay over for dinner with th...
  • girl
  • bammbamm
  • barney
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My Music Playlist by VampireKnightPrinces
My Music Playlistby VampireKnightPrinces
  • playlist
  • miss
  • starstrukk
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