Chapter 20 :BBQ suprises

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Justin p.o.v 

i couldn't believe it shes pregnant why wouldn't she want to show me whats the worse i could say.

Justin - so your pregnant

Lily- yeah 

Justin - so why  wouldn't you show me ?

Lilys p.o.v

WAIT he doesn't know its his thank god he doesn't remember because he isn't going to find out not for a long time maybe even ever.If i keep acting natural maybe he will never get suspicious.

Justin - so why wouldn't you show me ?

Lily - I just didn't  feel comfortable I've only just met you 

Justin - why would it make you feel uncomfortable 

Lily - i don't want you thinking low of me because I'm only 16 and pregnant i bet you think I'm like one of those girls on teen mom

Justin - im not going to think low of you if i know scooter  he's raised you right i know he would make sure you are going to be a great mom

Lily- thank you well i better get going

Justin - OK if you don't mind me asking how far along are you ?

Lily -I'm actually late i was due last week

Justin - OH

Selenas p.o.v




What was he doing here , why did scooter invite him i was just hanging out with demi,Vanessa ,miley .We were just hanging out in the backyard when Lily scooters daughter came out .

Selena - hey lily hows it going ?

Lily - good thank you is everyone having a good time

Vanessa- yeah we are so hows the babies

Lily - uncomfortable  i just want them out already im already over 1 week late 

Miley- girl i don't know how you do it 

After that we all decided to go swimming in the pool we all went upstairs slipping into our bikini's we gathered our towels and made our way down to the pool Kenny and scooter were doing the BBQ .I slipped of my shorts along with the others as we walked over to the pool stepping into the warm water.Lily looked so happy she was very heavily pregnant and you could tell.I glanced over to see Justin with scooter and Kenny i shot him a small smile he had a very shocked look on his face.

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