Justins p.o.v 

It was almost time for lily to come round i looked around at the clock only 10 more minutes until we could talk.I had planned every thing i wanted to talk to her about i had planned on sitting her down confronting her on me being the twins father .Then ill let her talk about why she didnt tell me because if im honest im really upset that she didnt tell me .

Lilys p.o.v

I was on my way to justins Demi was looking after Jesse and Ava before i left i had put them to bed so they shouldnt wake up until 3am for a feed.I drove over to justins not wanting to walk in the dark alone i parked my range rover next to his.I walked over to the door checking my watch to see i was a bit early anyway i knocked because it was cold out and i didnt want to stand in the cold.

Justin opened the door and i saw a small smile plaster on his face."HEY " he greeted walking me into the living room . " so what did you want to talk about " i said sitting on the oposite couch to him."we really need to talk about the twins".

Justins p.o.v 

She sat there with a puzzled look on her face."why didnt you tell me lily" i asked with a calm voice i looked into her eyes ii could see remorse "what are you going on about justin " she acted i could tell she was nervous"dont play stupid with me you know what i heard you and Kenny talking the other day i know im there father".She just stood there her jaw dropped she was obviously not expecting me too  say that .

"now i want you to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth about why you didnt tell me "

She just looked at me her petite body was shaking." Justin im sorry i didnt tell you but it was hard i was drunk i had only just turned 16 .When i found out i was scared and confused  i didnt know what i was going to tell my dad let alone you.I thought you would of forgot about me i left before you woke up ."

"i would never forget anyone as beautiful as you "

this caused lily to blush.

"If you must know why i didnt tell you its because i knew you wouldnt want to be a father your career isnt having its best time at the moment and having children to worry about would push you over the edge . You're only 19 no 19 year old wants to be a father i knew if i told you , you would want nothing to do with me let alone the babies i saved myself the hassel byy not telling you ive been hurt to many times justin i didnt want to be hurt again."

She looked so hurt she had tears in her eyes i got up and sat down beside her and wrapped my arm around her "i would never leave you or the babies i know most people in my situation would of left you but i wont im going to be a good dad and be the best role model to them"

"thankyou justin that meens alot maybe we could make this work"she said while i  gentally patting her back.

"well about that there might be a problem about that "when i said that her smile dropped

"your dad kicked me out im not supposed to ba anywhere near you or the babies or her will ruin my career if he knew i was with you right now her would kill me "her smile turned into a unhappy frown but then into a devious smirk.

"who says he has to know "



SO lilly knows thats justin knows (confusing sorry))

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