Kennys p.o.v

I came home from scooters we planned a surprise baby shower for Lily that was happening in 2 months i know its a long time away but scooter ants to make it extra special and we are having it in hawi and a surprise holiday.Scooter doesn't get to spend much time with his daughter so whenever he can he tries to be the best dad he can be.

I drove home ,parked in the driveway keeping the decorations me and scooter picked up in the trunk i made my way up to the door and unlocked in i didn't here Lily but her car was here meaning she must be home it was 7pm i wondered were she was.I made my way into the living room to find Lily asleep on the couch i picked her up and carried her to her room placing her on the bed,she must be so tired and stressed thinking how she can raise 2 children and have a job its hard for her not having her dad there sometimes .

As i pulled the blanket over her i noticed some fresh scars on her wrist they look very weird ive only ever seen these type of cuts on people who self harm OHH GOD she didn't did she.I hadn't realized how upset she was over everything.I bet that arsehole Danny hurt her so much she though this was the only option left.

Lilys p.o.v

Lily : I woke up in my bed wondering how i got here i looked down seeing my scars on my arms uncovers.SHIT i forgot to cover them i quickly got up and made my way to my dressing table grabbing some foundation and covering them.

I hate having to hurt myself to help ease the pain but once i started it i couldn't stop.It all started when i was 13 almost 14 and Danny came into my life he quickly turned violent and cutting myself eased the pain.No one knows about my scars because i cover them daily and if anyone ever found out i would be in so much trouble.

I made my way downstairs to find dad and scooter and the dinning table with very angry and upset looks on their faces.

Dad: why would you do this to yourself 

Kenny: Lily we know I've seen your cuts

Lily *sobs*

Dad : Lily im sending you too rehab

That was the moment i couldn't take it anymore i fell to the floor drowning in my own tears bringing my self i ran to my room locking myself in the bathroom going over to the draw and pulling out the blood stained blade i stood there staring at it.

Scooters p.o.v 

- - - - - - - 10 minutes earlier - - - - - - - - - 

Kenny called me over to Lilys and his house saying me and him had to speak and it was important.I made my way up their driveway knocking on the door quietly .Kenny answered and signalled for me to be quite and follow him to the kitchen we sat down .

Kenny: i need to speak to you about Lily I'm worried about

Scooter : why whats up

Kenny: Last night i carried up to bed because she passed out on the couch but when i went to cover her with a blanket i noticed some scars on her wrists 

Scooter : please don't tell me what i think you are about to tell me

Kenny: she's been self harming

 - - - - - - - - Back to present - - - - - - - 

Lily ran up the stairs bawling her eyes out me and scooter heard her door slam we quickly ran up the stairs running down the landing.We rushed into room only to be met with a loud thud coming from the bathroom at this point i was crying so hard .

Scooter: baby girl open up

Kenny: Lily please open up

*no reply*

Kenny and i nodded and he kicked down the door there lying on there floor was Lily covered in blood and a blade in her hand ..................





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