Justins p.o.v


That was enough to shatter my previous smile , is it possible for your jaw to hit the floor ? Because right now that felt like reality to me I couldn't believe this she had to be pregnant how could she not .

" Bu.....bbbbb....but how?? You have to be pregnant we didn't use protection "

Her face was a mixture of anger and hurt she went to speak yet the words didn't come out .

"I'm sorry Justin it just hasn't happened I checked four times "

"Do you want it to happen ?"

"Yes I do and it hurts justin I know you want this and I can't give it to you "

The look in his eyes traced up and down her body , the situation grew in his "area " age bit her lip

The kids were with pattie they were alone Justin wrapped her legs around his waist and that was it he was going to make it happen

Sorry it's soo short but I had to write it before work

Sorry it's been so long

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