Justin's p.o.v

hour after hour ,day after day,week after week , month after month i still can't get Lily out of my head.Although i only saw her once she was beautiful and i could tell she was different.Scooter keeps telling me i need to keep focus but i  cant i want too see her again i need to.It has been 4 months .

Journals has come out and me and scooter are planning to release the album in 2 weeks which will be 14th january.My birthday was in a few months and i dont want to turn 20 my beliebers will probably leave me .

Lilys p.o.v

My life is soo messed up at the moment since i slept with Justin everything has gone downhill ive been getting bigger and i think im pregnant im not ready for this . I haven't had morning sickness which im soo grateful for but i think im going to have to tell Kenny soon . I really can't believe i was soo stupid to go to that club in the first place ,I blame Danny my abusive ex if he didn't treat me like shit i would'nt be in this mess.

I cant believe this dad will kill me but theres no way im  getting a abortion i made this mess so i cant kill the baby for something i did wrong .

Today im going to talk to kenny about whats going on 

Lily-kenny we need to talk

Kenny-whats up sweetheart 

Lily-Well it started over 2 years ago when i met Danny at first i thought he was the best boyfriend i could ask for he was so sweet but quickly it turned sour he would hit me ..

Kenny- why didnt you tell me baby girl

Lily-That's not it he would threaten me daily and it got to the point were he would*crying*touch me in inapropriate places i tried to get him to stop but i couldnt thats when he started to sexually abuse me  i could get away from him he said if i ever called the police he would kill me.

Kenny-im soo sorry baby girl i promise he will never hurt you again

Lily- im not finishes about 4 months ago he left and i have no clue where he is but i was soo depressed so i decided i would go to the club to let go ....yeah i know dad would kill me if he knew i was at a club and drinking.After a while i was completely drunk out of my mind and i met this guy and we got a bit to far

Kenny-please don't tell me you did it 

Lily- yeah .., and well now im kinda 

Kenny-lily i want the truth are you pregnant ?

Lily - i think so have the bump but i haven't been to the doctors

Kenny- who's the father ???

Lily- i can't tell you dad will literally kill me 

Kenny - don't tell me its bie...


kenny- i wont as long as you tell him you're pregnant 

Lily- once my bump gets bigger i will

Kenny - ok we need to get you to the doctors , can you show me your bump ?

Lily- *shows bump*

Kenny-wow i never realized god i feel stupid 

Well that went better than i thought as long as dad doesn't know its biebers baby i will be fine i don't want him to know or Justin he will never know.

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