Lilys p.o.v 

Today me an demi are going to take the twins out for a walk since we cant really go anywhere to public we decided to go out to the woods.I had packed everything i would need in a bag grabbing my shades demi carried Jesse and i carried Ava down the stairs i put Ava and Jesse in there twin stroller.

I pushed them out the house and down the street as the private woods wasn't to far away .Demi held on to my hand as we made our way down the street .As we were walking we came across Justin's house i knew he lived here his house was in the same neighbour hood as mine and i had seen pictures.Demi squeezed onto my hand i could see Justin's car was in so he must be to.

Justins p.o.v 

I was sitting on the couch figuring out a way so i could see Lily and Demi walking down the street holding hands it was weird never mind i got that out my head now's my times i ran out the house as fast as i could considering i had no shoes on .

Lily had a shocked look on her face i don't blame her she doesn't know i heard her and Kenny talking the other day.

Justin :hey lily hey demi

Lily :hey Justin (she said in a shy voice)

Demi : whats up Justin why you running out hr with no shoes on 

Justin : i wanted to talk to lily 

Lily:*shy* whats up 

Justin : could we talk alone for a minute

Lily; Justin I'm kind of busy is it important 

Justin : If your busy come by mine tonight but don't tell your dad your going to mine come by about 9 

Lily:*puzzled* OK 

Lets just hope this goes ok 

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