Things just aren't meant to go as planned sometimes.
It was October two months after our wedding the honeymoon was long over now back to reality.
Thankfully we had kept our marriage secret no one knew we were together and hopefully it would stay that way .
It was hard keeping our relation ship secret as it meant we couldn't spend a lot of time together out the house but that's the way it worked I had my privacy for now.
Justin would come home after a day at the studio and spend time with me and the kids we were just an adapted family adapted to the fame .
Justin kept us away from the lights .He would get someone to drive his car to another location so they wouldn't know where we are .
Like I said things were going to change we couldn't hide the kids away from society forever that's not fair on them so Ellen is set up in a month for us to announce the news .
Justin had been pampering me with gifts he wouldn't let me life a finger .since the wedding he had been so protective holding me at night ringing me when he was at work every half a hour.
"Hey babe"
Jesse and Ava were in bed I was soaking in a hot bubble bath justin bent down by the side of the bath.
He grabbed some shampoo massaging it into my hair .
He washed out the bubbles grabbing some body wash rubbing it on my skin rubbing in circles around my bellyaching me feel uncomfortable .
"Hey babe guess what home to mama is out tomorrow "
Justin said kissing my belly making me flinch .I earned a questionable glare from justin .
Shaking it off Justin got me a nice with fluffy towel rapping around my body as I stepped out the bath.
Justin took me into our room slinging me on the pillows causing me to giggle and cover my body by the falling towel .
Justin threw me one of his shirts and some underwear.
"How about we order takeout ?"Justin said putting on a movie and dimming the lights .Justin passed me his phone with the menu on it NANDOS yummy yummy I love nandos .
The movie had started the takeout was on its way .The kids where asleep ,Justin was giving me a massage lying on my back legs either side of me rubbing my back .
The new marvel movie was on Justin had brought me .Justin had placed kisses all the way up my back till he got to my neck sucking on the skin.
The kisses were plastered all over my face his tounge tracing my bottom lip as we kissed
Movie and takeout turned into a heavy make out session .the kissing was getting more intense his hands were roaming up my legs until the doorbell broke us apart.

I ran downstairs grabbing a 20 out my purse opening the door grabbing the food paying him and running upstairs before the teen who was delivering the food could say anything .

Grabbing my food before Justin could even look at the bag of food .

"Someone's hungry "
Justin cracked up at me
"Someone's horny"
I ingeniously replied causing him to blush like crazy trying to cover his erection.
The night had passed I was in bed cuddled up with Justin .

"Can you believe that there we be a new little bieber soon" Justin said tracing circles around my belly

"JUSTIN STOP!!!" Thats it I couldn't take all this anymore .Getting out of bed i tied my robe around my waist .

"What the hell is wrong with you "Justin kept repeating not letting me leave the room .

Trying to budge him out of the way of the door


And his face fell

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