Lily's p.o.v

"Maybe we don't have to be ?"

Wait what

Hold up

Take it back a step

What did he just say ?

I had recovered from my previous position on top of Justin his erection pressing against my thigh

'Justin what an earth are you talking about' his hand brushing the side of my face lovingly "how do you feel about having more little Biebers running around ?"

Wait is he serious how is her ready for something as massive as this last time he wasn't there with me while I was pregnant I don't think he can carry my crazy .the morning sickness ,cravings ,mood swings and my body changing I will change and I know it might change us .

"Justin I don't think we can handle this "he looked at me confusion plastered on his face what do you mean he whispered placing little kisses down my cleavage .

Trying to explain my reasons to him he assured me he could handle the pressure that came for preparing for a baby .

He trailed his finger where he was just attacking me with his lips gradually getting down to my belly .

" One day soon there will be a baby in here one day soon very very soon now I can accept the responsibility of that it will go get you I've cream at 2 o'clock in the morning deal with your body changing "

He was getting there the words he said MADD me fall in love with him all over again "what'd you say baby " he said kissing along my abdomen , with a brief nod of the head I was being slammed into ,every thrust getting deeper and deeper every thrust I though was the final but he got deeper and deeper so I was griping the sheets until I could hear the satin. Sheets tear into shreds .

Well I guess it's too late now as I felt him climax inside me Jesse and Ava will have a sibling .

Was I ready I'm not 100% sure but guess I'll have to learn to be ready .

Collapsing next to Justin our breathing was like a dog panting heavily after a long run we were both exhausted .

Wanting nothing more but to get some sleep the alcohol still intoxicating my body the night was still young .

Being inclosed into Justin's arms he carried me in his arms into the shower the hit water pouring down our bodies he slowly massaged some shampoo into my hair leaving the water to rinse out the bodies .

Squirting some body wash into his hands the slowly caressed down my body his hands massaging the soapy substance on every inch of my skin .

Me now repeating the process on Justin my hands dining the soo down his washboard abs .

'Mmmm baby '

His moans invaded my ears intoxicating my body even more the water running down my body justin encasing me in his arms once again .

He carried me in his arms over to wear our bags were sitting getting me out underwear and lying me on the bed sliding them on .

Justin now wearing some boxers shuffled over to me on the bed placing his hands on my stomach.

' Our baby could be in here right now '

That brought butterfly's in my stomach and then the reality kicked me I could be pregnant at least this time it was planned at least .

Justin has left me to go get some food from the pre stocked fridge he returned quickly with some Ben and jerrys and two spoons

This is why I love him


Hey hope you enjoy the update



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