Lily will you marry me ?

Lily's p.o.v

Am I hearing right ?

Did he just ask me to marry him ?

Is he crazy ?

My heart was in my throat what the hell caused him to come out with something as huge as this .

Listen to your heart

Forget about your head there obstacles


Tired of living on the past surrounded by my demons .What do I have to loose I love him he's the only boy who's been there for me I never had a really close relationship with dad Justin had fought for me he went against my fathers wishes to make us 3 happy and that's all I could ask for .

Mind running wild I was surrounded by the gasps and squeals of dad,pattie,Diane and Lucy.

Before I could even function properly what was happening I was pulled into Justin's embrace and span around with his lips syncing with mine .

I felt him stop spinning me "let's go " without even answering I felt him drag me away from the party which was now coming to a end .

"Justin baby where are we going "I felt him grab a bag and head out the front door .he was starting to worry me where is taking me and why is he acting like this .

"Justin I'm now going anywhere unless you tell me where we're going " he huffed turning around to face me his beautiful brown eyes moulding into mine .

"It's a suprise just let me take you somewhere I promise it will be worth it"i hesitated before leaving hand in hand hoping into Justin's new Mercedes .

It had started to become a while driving in this car and I was becoming adjetated .

"Justin how much longer " I wined

"Not long baby why don't you sleep for a while I'll wake you up when we get there "he whispered pressing his lips to my head it didn't pass a second thought in my head before I felt myself falling into a deep slumber .

I didn't know how long I had been asleep but I felt my eyes opening as I was scooped into Justin's arms out the car it was about 11 pm it was dark outside .I didn't know where we was but I trusted Justin enough not to care.

"Come on baby we have a long day tomorrow get some sleep".I didn't care to ask what we were doing I felt my body being placed down on a soft bed.

Skip to the next day

Being awoken by kisses tracing up and down my stomach " morning baby "

I could now see where we were and it was beautiful we were in a bedroom surrounded by the ocean we could see through the huge glass windows that surrounded the bed .

The sun was out a shining through the window the sky was cloudless and perfectly blue.Justin had told me that we were in Miami .

"Justin baby this is beautiful what are we doing here "

I saw his face take in a short breathe before getting up and walking towards the door

" Getting married "

That was it he had ran out the door and my jaw dropped onto the floor why what how JUSTIN YOU TWAT .

He brought me here to get married without my family my friends without even telling me ? .We haven't even been engaged a day and now he announces we're getting married today .

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