Lilys p.o.v

Todays the day were going home i cant wait its been so fun here but i really miss home my due dates in 4 days and its getting really irritating carrying twins.People say being pregnant is the most beautiful feeling in the world but there wrong youre feet swell , your back hurts and i havent seen my toes in about 5 months.

Demi and me are keeping the relationship very secretive dad is going to freak when i tell him and i dont think im ready to just yet , its hard having all this pressure and it gets me down but i have demi shes so supportive and lets me cry into her arms until we both fall asleep shes perfect and i love her to pieces.

We  are boarding the plane and me and demi are sitting on one side and dad,scooter on the other .Me and demi were texting each other.(they are sitting next to each other you find out why they were texting now )

Demi-we need to talk xx

Lily-what about ??xx

Demi-meet me out back in 5xx

Lily- kk xx

5 minutes had pasted and demi snuck out a minute earlier so it didnt look weird i walked to the back of the plane into a small bedroom i couldnt see demi but i soon felt a pair off arms wrap around my waist and spin me into a  room demi's lips press against mine .Every time we would kiss sparks were flying everywhere.We had to be very sneaky because of anyone finding out and i wasn't ready and i dont think i will be for a long time .

Demi: i missed your lips

Lily: and i missed you , what did you need to talk about babe ??

Demi: we need to tell your dad 


Me and kenny were sitting on the plane when demi and lily got up and walked away something was suspicious.Me and kenny secretly followed them i could hear unusual noises from the room at the back of the plane .It sounded liked kissing but it couldnt be could it ?of course not there was only me,kenny,lily and demi on the plane 

Demi: i missed your lips


I was so close to bursting in the door but Kenny pulled me back.Why was demi and lilly kissing.

Lily: and i missed you , what did you need to talk about babe ??

Demi: we need to tell your dad 

Lily: we cant im not ready 


Demi: he's going to find out were dating some time 


that's it i couldn't take it anymore i burst in the room anger all over my face.How could this happen i knew my daughter and she would never date demi she is straight.My blood was boiling demi and lily looked in shock where as Kenny had a look on hos face like he knew something about this .

Lily : dad its not what it looks like ...................





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