Lilys p.o.v

I was lying in my hotel room with only the twins , the only sound was the soft snuffles of there little snores now and then .Justin and Ryan had been outside for a while now it started to worry me i got out of bed walking towards the door i pressed my ear up against the hard wood.At first it was just muffles so i decided i would open the door and see whats going on.

Quietly i opened the door luckily Justin and Ryan were so deep in conversation  that they didn't notice me standing there. Looking at Justin he looked so confused his hands were on his temples .Ryan stood there he looked like he had a lot on his mind .He then spoke up .

"All i know is that Demi dropped of Jesse and Ava about a hour ago she just knocked on the door chucked me there bag and left just like that, i tried calling out for her asking her where she was going but she just ignored me and sped out of my drive"



I stood there weeping for what felt like age my soft tears ran down my face Justin or Ryan hadn't noticed until my sobs became louder when they both whipped around stunned looks on there faces i quickly ran as far as my body could take me .I ran out the hospital and into the parking lot running down the street as far as i could before my legs got tired i sat down on a bench with my head in my hands my hot salty tears stained my face pro bally making my eyes look like a panda but at this point i didn't care anymore all i cared about right now was Demi i needed her .

I felt a hand wrap around my shoulder and a body pressed next to mine on the bench i was expecting it to be Justin or Ryan but when i looked up i saw a girl around my age with amazing blue eyes and blonde hair .I had never seen her before .

"hey hey hey now ( whispers) why is a beautiful girl like you crying on a bench at the side of the street"she said tucking a piece of my black  hair behind my ear.

"I'm having a really bad day "i said  wiping  my tear stained face 

She brought me in for a hug at first it took me by surprise because i had barely even spoken to this girl before and she was hugging me but somehow i needed it .She let go after a minute and brought me to my feet "come on let me go get us a drink"i didn't hesitate as i was very thirsty.

We both walked down the street until we reached a Starbucks before we walked in i turned to the girl "hey i never caught your name"  she looked at me briefly before replying "Lucy nice to meet you " i turned and replied "I'm Lily" we walked over to the counter i told Lucy i didn't want anything as i didn't have any money she refused and said she would pay of course i denied but she wouldn't take no for a answer .

we sat down in a booth and just started talking about lots of different things we shared jokes and laughed so much.I've only known this girl for about a hour but i can tell we were going to be friends she was so funny and pretty what every girl wants to be she had a great personality and didn't bug me as to why i was crying.She wasn't one of those  people who want to find out you're personal problems and not even care .

She was different 





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