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Ending up at Mccann's house✔️ by scutebieber
Ending up at Mccann's house✔️by S'cute Bieber
Avelyn goes to live with her cousin because of her abusive father and is shocked as she realizes that the house she will be living in is not her cousins, but JASON MCCAN...
  • jason
  • jasonmccann
  • belieber
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His Hidden Daughter (Bieber story) by Storymaker4111997
His Hidden Daughter (Bieber story)by Storymaker4111997
Justin Bieber is a 20 year old pop sensation, traveling the world and living the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous. Emma Gardner is an 18 year old mother to a 2...
  • bieber
  • justin
  • baby
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The Soul Mate • jb by ctrlbieber
The Soul Mate • jbby gigi
The smoking-hot one-night stand I was never supposed to see again? Yeah, well, I might be pregnant, and he's my OB-GYN. --- Not my story! All credit goes to Kendall Rya...
  • bieber
  • jb
  • doctor
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Shameless by lovinDatJustin
Shamelessby Suckmywalter
"You said you want to be good but you can't keep your composure, you said you want to be good but you're begging me to come over."
  • daddy
  • justin
  • jasonmccann
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Prince Justin's Secret Heir by jbwaslikebby
Prince Justin's Secret Heirby jbwaslikebby
"She's my daughter!" "No my love, I believe it was my sperm that caused your seed to sprout. She's our daughter."
  • selenagomez
  • baby
  • fancic
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STALKER | Justin Bieber as Jason McCann by raniasbooks
STALKER | Justin Bieber as Jason 🦋
"Stop with your damn attitude and fucking love me for gods sake!" He screamed, his bloody eyes balling out and his veins popping out. "I don't love you...
  • justinbieber
  • shawnmendes
  • badass
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Swap it out ~Justin Bieber~ by escapehemmings
Swap it out ~Justin Bieber~by diana
She was asked to do a favor for her twin sister, she never knew it meant switching places with her while her sister went traveling the world, she never knew it meant t...
  • bieber
  • jdb
  • bizzle
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Eternal Sunshine  by yunggoldcocaina
Eternal Sunshine by yunggoldcocaina
Rylee reunites with her old best friend, Austin. She has a fear of them ruining their friendship, but he has other plans for their relationship.
  • austin
  • fanfic
  • singer
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Bad Habit by jbwaslikebby
Bad Habitby jbwaslikebby
LiLy I was infatuated with Justin Bieber the moment he came tumbling through my brother's window five years ago. Even bruised and bloodied, he was the most beautiful boy...
  • harrystyles
  • kyliejenner
  • bieber
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Student Teacher - Justin Bieber by currentlynowinactive
Student Teacher - Justin Bieberby currentlynowinactive
"I heard Mrs.Maben is getting a student teacher for reading class and he's also helping Casey at gym seventh period." Justin Bieber, a twenty year old in c...
  • fiction
  • tea
  • bieber
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Texting | Justin  by mrsbizzleavon
Texting | Justin by mrsbizzleavon
Justin gets drunk one night and sends a text to someone thinking she's the girl he met a ends up being someone else.
  • texting
  • wattys2016
  • justin
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Mute / jb by fingerwave
Mute / jbby spice girl
COMPLETED in which a mute boy finds himself infatuated with a black girl ----[ interracial ] [ lowercase intended ]--- I N C L U D E D : bwwm justin bieber sad and depr...
  • justinbieber
  • mute
  • interracial
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[Highest Rank ~ #1 in Fanfiction] 7/18/2016 BOOK ONE → "YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE ME!" He screamed. You stared down at the silver pistol that was dangling in his han...
  • jason
  • obsession
  • mccann
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Mia  (18+) FanFic by TheLibertine
Mia (18+) FanFicby Jax
Sometimes people come into your world and wreak havoc. They leave a mark that can't be removed. That mark for me was Justin Bieber. I didn't know my introduction to the...
  • justinbieberfanfiction
  • mafia
  • bieber
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artist | bieber by niallengar
artist | bieberby kim
she loved art and he fell in love with hers. artist © niallengar started: mar 26, 2017 completed: -
  • justinfanfic
  • jb
  • tattoo
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Recovery by myboybieber
Recoveryby My Boy Bieber
He was rich He was famous But he wasn't complete... She was fun She was popular But she wasn't driven... When the two are brought together in marriage, with a stained h...
  • justin
  • hailey
  • recovery
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Anything for you, Daddy by wonderrrstruck
Anything for you, Daddyby @Wonderrrstruck
"Call me Daddy from now on." "Anything for you, Daddy."
  • justinbieber
  • daddy
  • bieber
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Secret Sister(One Direction Fanfic) by zainabssstories
Secret Sister(One Direction Fanfic)by zainabssstories
It's funny what popularity can do to people. It can change you. Make you unrecognisable to people who have known you for your whole life. I never knew my brother, my twi...
  • bully
  • bullied
  • hatelove
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Justin Bieber Imagines  by iheartshawnpeterraul
Justin Bieber Imagines by iheartshawnpeterraul
Who doesn't love a good jb imagine?
  • justinbieberimagines
  • justinbieberimagine
  • bieber
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Issues by W1LDCH1LD
Issuesby wild child.
Yeah, I've got issues. And one of them is how bad I need you...
  • trey
  • songz
  • jenner
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