Chapter 41-i have someone there for me

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Lily's p.o.v

I can't believe how nice Lucy is she didn't question me about the twins when she picked me up .At the moment we were sitting in Lucy's car on her way to her house it had been about ten minutes no one had spoken thankfully I don't think I want to speak right now as we pulled closer to the estate I lived near Lucy took a quick left going to other side of the estate the un-gated part we stopped outside a beautiful house it wasn't to big or small it was just right she in buckled her seatbelt and I done the same making my way out I went to go get Jesse making my way found after getting Jesse I aww Lucy had already got Ava out and was standing opening the door.

"Welcome lily to my home "

The inside was beautiful it was a dream musicians house she had beautiful guitars on the wall and there on her living room stood a grand piano .

" This is beautiful Lucy "

She set Ava Down by the couch before replying

"Thanks "

I sat Jesse down next to Ava before walking over to the couch sitting with Lucy

" I take it you like I music " I said looking around the room I was fascinated by the records hung on the walls

" Actually I'm a musician I produce my own music and I'm starting a band up at the moment "

"Thats so cool I've always wanted to be musicy (sorry that's not a word) "

Lucy just noodled before she could say anything I heard Jesse start crying I went to his carrier in strapping him I grabbed his bottle from his bag and fed him after finishing all his food I cradled him back and forth until he fell asleep in my arms

"You didn't tell me you had children " Lucy said watching me put Jesse back into his carrier

" I though you would judge me having children at such a young age"

"Don't be silly I'm not going to judge as long as you're a good mum it'd deny matter to me how old you re "

I thanked her and gave her a hug she said she was going to get some food ready as it was almost dinner .she said I could go put the twins upstairs on the last door on the right .

I made my way upstairs and found a large room with a huge king size bed and a small double next to each other I set some pillows into a square and place Jesse and Ava in there they were both asleep as I say down on the other bed throwing the bag on the floor I heard Ava stir indicating she wanted feeding.I grabbed her bottle if milk feeding it to her she ate like she'd never been fed before this caused her to make little hiccups.

This made me and her giggle .after finishing her milk u burped her before setting her down to sleep.

I sat on the couch with Lucy and a bowl of spaghetti she made us after we finished she placed are bowls down and faced me crossed legged u did the same then she spoke up .

"Lily I want you to talk to me what's going on "

"I don't think i can Lucy "

"Lily I know u haven known you long but you can tell me anything and I won't judge you I'm just here to listen " she put her arm round my shoulder as I held back the tears

"My girlfriend left me but Jesse and Ava 's father didn't tell me so I was left in the hospital without anyone telling me what happened I had to listen to what they were saying to find out "
The tears were poring out

" hey hey hey (lifts my chin) she might have left you but I'm not I will always be here for you,jesse and Ava whenever you need me "

Now I know i have someone there for me

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