--------------------------Lilys P.O.V------------------

Its been a month and a half since i came to the hospital and im now fully recovered my scars will always be there but im so relived my baby's didn't die i cant believe what i did not only did i hurt myself i could of killed my children since the whole accident i promised myself i would never do it again for my babies sake.

Today is the day i finally get to go home my counselling has finished so has my therapy dad says he has a surprise for me which im looking forward to .Dad walked into my room along with Kenny beside him.

Dad: are you ready to go princess 

Kenny: let me grab you're bags 

Lily: where are we going 

Dad: you'll see 

------------JUSTINs P.O.V-----------

Scooter has been really distant lately and i hardly ever see him anymore i keep asking him whats up but he assures me its nothing.Since i barley see scooter anymore i haven't been working .

Lilys been on my mind ever since that night i know it was only a one night stand but i really would of liked to get to know her.

Chaz was coming over soon to hang out with me.Selena has been calling me non stop begging to get back  together with me but im never tacking her back she cheated on me (no hate on Selena i love her ).

--------------LILYs P.O.V--------------------

 Dad was taking me somewhere but i wasn't aloud to no where dad insisted i had to be blindfolded in the car the car ride was longer than normal we defiantly not going to mine or dads house.I decided to listen music on my phone .Believe in me and warrior by Demi lovato was my favorite songs and i had them on repeat demi is a such a strong woman and is my idol.One day i would love to meet her .I felt the car come to a stop taking out my earphones dad helped me out the car . Before i could ask where we were Kenny scooped me of my feet i was squealing and giggling i felt Kenny walk up some stairs.

Before i knew i was being placed on a bed with dad telling me to get rest i still had my blindfold on so it wasn't that hard to fall asleep because it was already dark i found myself drifting off to sleep.

I found myself being woken up to dad screaming and shouting shaking me waking me up.I groaned sitting up to be surrounded by darkness forgetting i still had the blindfold on.

Kenny: rise and shine were here

Lily*groan* were are we

Scooter: you will see soon baby girl

Dad held my hand guiding me out of wherever we were .

Kenny: Lily hop on my back ill give you a piggy back 

Lily: i think you're forgetting one thing

Kenny : what?

Lily: I'm pregnant stupid i kinda of have two baby's in my stomach and a huge baby bump how am i supposed to get on you're back with a huge bump in front of me 

Kenny: well i feel stupid

Lily: silly 

Kenny:" ive got a idea well come here my lady "Kenny said in a ridiculous British accent

Kenny swiped me up into a bridal carry i was laughing so hard .We finally got down the steps and i felt dad and kenny stand beside me.

Scooter: ok you can take of your blindfold

Lily :*gasps*

Right before me we stood on the edge of the beach in Hawaii the crystal clear ocean was beautiful.

Lily: DAD WHATS THIS !!!!!

Dad:we though you deserved some time away so were having a vacation i Hawaii for 2 weeks 

We all decided to go to apartment dad rented for us it was beautiful and very modern it came with a outside pool and we were right next to the beach i cant believe i get to see my dad for 2 whole weeks i haven't spent this much time with him since i was 12 .I got changed in my bikini and went to the pool (picture on the side) My belly was now very prominent i cant wait for my two babies to come already but im so nervous .I felt a little thump in my belly i couldnt believe it my baby was kicking for the first time.

Lily : DAD KENNY QUICK !!!!!!

Dad & Kenny: WHATS GOING ON!!!

Lily: the babys kicking for the first time 

Dad and kenny were at the other side of the pool the quickly swam over and placed there hands on my now kicking belly it was so weird the feeling now both of them started kicking .The amount they were kicking you would of thought they were playing football in there.Smiles erupted on dads and Kennys faces making me grin .

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