Lilys p.o.v

Today was the day of the big surprise dad was telling me about and i was really excited this vacation has been amazing and i never wanted to leave Dad knocked on my door telling me to get ready in nice clothes and too meet him at the decking by the beach.

I got in the shower scrubbing my body with coconut shampoo washing my hair and body i got out wrapping a big towel around me and my baby bump i walked over to my suitcase grabbing a pair of underwear and a lace flow top and shorts since it was soo hot.

I curled my long brown into curly ringlets as the flowed down to my bum.I applied some foundation to my wrists and face with some gloss,mascara and eyeliner.I grabbed some flip flops and made my way down to the beach.

Scooters p.o.v 

Today was Lilys suprise baby shower i flied out  demi,taylor,vanessa were  here.

There was cake presents and i brought Lily a new house thats bigger and closer to me so she has room for the babys and she will be closer to me .

Everything was ready for Lily everyone was hiding there was about 100 people hear and i wasnt worried about the news getting out about lily i took care of everything theres security.

I heard footsteps walking towards the beach everyone took there places and i hear Lily walking onto the deck .

Lilys p.o.v 

I was walking onto the beach walking closer to the deck i couldnt see dad anywhere then.


Then out popped Dad kenny and about 100 other people like Miley cyrus , Vanessa hudgens and OMG DEMI LOVATO .What was going on there was a baby shower banner i cant believer dad threw me a baby shower it Hawaii .

Lily : OMG DAD !!!

Scooter: suprise sweetheart you deserve this

It was perfect dad introduced me to demi and i was start stuck she was so down to earth and humble so was vanessa and miley .We spent ages talking while sittin on the deck eating ice cream.

Demi: its nice meeting you Lily i didnt know your dad was scooter

Lily: yeah i didnt want the media attention 

Demi:your so pretty did you know that

Lily:*blushes*im not im all fat and puffy

Demi: you are having a baby


Demi: TWO 

Lily; yeah 

For the next two hours we chilled and talked even though ive known them about 4 hours i already feel i can tell them anything demi was soo strong we had been having a really heart to heart conversation she told me about her self harm issues and we shared stories some stuff i havent told anyone apart from kenny .I left out the part about the father of my baby i thought id leave it till later on.

Demi : why dont we go get our stuff and go swimming 

Lily: yeah why dont we go back to the villa and ill  grab my stuff

*skip getting there Demi and Lily are now in her room at the villa*

Demi: you almost ready Lily

Lily: yeah 

I was sitting down on the bed putting on my flip flops and putting my towel and sun screen in a beach bag along with my sun glasses.

Lily: ouch ouch ouch

Demi : are you okay?

Lily:yeah the twins are kicking me so hard

Demi and i were feeling my stomach as the twins were kicking me in the ribs so hard.We decided to go to the beach and swim in the ocean.The rest of the day was so fun me dad,Kenny,Miley,Vanessa and Demi played in the water until the sunset in the a perfect end to  a perfect day.

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