Justin p.o.v

I woke up sun hitting my face i pushed myself out under the covers trying to sit up gradually but my head was killing me .Every time i wake up with a hangover i promise myself i will never drink again but it fails every time.I look over across me looking for  the girl i slept with last night but she wasn't anywhere maybe she left i still can't remember her name.



Linda ?

LILY !!!!!

that was the one , now i remember but i wonder where she went i didn't even get her number even though ive only seen the girl twice she seems really nice and id love to get to know her more .I decided id check the house seeing if she was there .Rushing out of bed i checked the whole house looking for anything a note,a number or even just a goodbye but all i found was nothing.


Hey  guys i will be trying t update short chapters everyday rememeber 




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