Lilys p.o.v

I'm absolutely exhausted after all thats pushing all i want to do is sleep so dad said he would keep a eye out fot the babies while i rest.I managed to drift of to into a dreamless sleep in minutes to finally be awoken by the opening of the door..

Doctor: sorry miss but im need to ask you a few questions

Lily : of course 

At the moment there was me ,Dad ,Kenny and Demi . Lexi and Luke decided they would come see me when im back home.

Doctor : ok im are you sure on a name yet 

Lily : actually yes i am 

Dad and kenny looked over to me eagerly to hear the names .Demi sat next to me and held my hand.

Lily : i want my little boy to be called Jesse Scott Kenny Braun and my little girl Ava- hope braun i also want Kenny to be there godfather and demi there god mum

Dad and Kenny both had tears in there eyes which warmed my heart id never seen my dad or Kenny close to crying .

Doctor:OK I'm going to hand you the babies and teach you the basics like bathing them ,  feeding and burping.First she handed me Ava-hope and told me how to feed her i lifted her up to feed her once i was done with her i moved on to Jesse .

Lily: Dad would you like to hold him 

Dad: *sobs* yes

I passed Dad Jesse this was the first time he held Jesse and i had tears i my eyes looking at him cradle my baby .I asked Kenny if he wanted to hold Ava-hope his reaction was just like dad tears running down his face as he cradled my princess.

Dad: I'm so proud of you honey 

Kenny: thank you for making me the happiest godfather in the world

Demi: i love you so much baby girl you are the best thing that's ever happened to me 

Everything was perfect at this moment i had my babies.

Jesse Scott Kenny Braun                                      Ava-Hope Braun

4lbs 8oz                                                                 4lbs 6oz

16th April                                                                 16th April

10.23pm                                                               10.46pm 

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