Lilys p.o.v 

Me and Lucy spent another 2 hours sitting in Starbucks chatting and i found out a lot about her , shes 17 the same as me plays the guitar and lives just outside of the estate we live on.I told her somethings about me but not about me being scooter brauns daughter or dating demi lovato god if she knew i had Justin biebers babies i never knew what would happen she could tell the paparazzi.

"Hey lily listen up I've got to go home because i start work in a hour but ill give you my number and we can hang out  if that's OK ?"I gladly nodded and she slipped me a piece of paper before standing up and enveloping me in a hug before waving as she left Starbucks.After about 10 minutes sitting in Starbucks on my own i gained the courage to go back to the hospital .I made the walk back to the hospital it was still light out .

It only took 10 minutes but by the time i was there the only thing i needed right now was my babies i couldn't leave them i knew Justin or Ryan was with them but at the moment i didn't want to see them i just wanted to be on my own with my babies.I sucked up the courage and walked through the entrance before taking the elevator up to my floor as the doors opened i looked down the corridor and saw Justin outside the door of my hospital room , he had his phone pressed up to his ear and with the other hand he brushed it harshly through his hair.

I walked towards him as soon as he saw me he had a relieved look on his face"hey scooter i found her ill ring you later"wow he was speaking to my dad that's weird since dad hates him."Thank god lily i was so worried about you "he tried to bring me in for a hug but i pushed past him without a word into my room i didn't see Ryan .Jesse and Ava were still asleep i grabbed there carriers and slung my bag over my shoulder before making my way down to reception to sign out as i was supposed to leave today Justin tried chasing after me but i made it into the elevator before he could plus he doesn't like them as he is claustrophobic .The doors opened and i made my way over to the desk signing the papers that had to be signed .

Making my way out the hospital doors i sat down on a bench the twins were still asleep in there carriers on the floor in front of me i pulled out the piece of paper in my pocket and grabbed my phone dialing the number i pressed the phone to my ear after a few rings i heard someone answer the phone"hey Lucy its lily i really need a friend right now and a place to stay "i didn't need to say anything else she asked me where i was and said she would be there in 5 minutes.

I knew i had a friend for life ......


Hey sorry its short I'm trying to update more since i have 2 weeks of school 




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