Lilys p.o.v

Ohh well back to being me it's been 2 days since my little hook up and i regrett it soo much what if dad found out that i was drinking let alone slept with THE JUSTIN BIEBER .Back to reality it's 6am and i woke up to my alarm i quickly got in the shower and washed my hair and body.I have work today which i work at victoria secret today were modelling for the new fall collection .My boddy guard is also my manager which is handy his name is kenny and i love him to pieces he is like the uncle ive always wanted.Since dad is busy with his job kenny took on the role and i thank him for that he has helped me through alot.I ran into my walk in closet grabbed a pair of sweats and belly top that shows of my belly piercing . Since i have  to change on set  i always throw on some comfy clothes.Kenny was downstairs having brekfast when i walked down i know what you're thinking didnt kenny used to be justins body guard he did but he now looks after me and has for 2 and a half years now.

Kenny- ready sweetheart 

Lily-yeah were is the photo shoot again?

Kenny-santa monica beach 

Lily - cool

Me and kenny got in the car and drove down to the beach which only took half  a  hour beyonce was on the radio and me and kenny were singing our hearts.

Kenny- did you know you're a amazing singer (imagine she sings exactly like beyonce)

Lily- im not but thanks for saying 

Kenny-im not joking kiddo you have got takent even more than bieber but i won tell him that *winks*

Just the though of his name gave me the creeps chills rushed down my spine.Kenny noticed and kept asking me if i was ok but i couldnt tell him about it he would tell my dad and my dad would kill me .I just nodded it off and we soon arrived at the beach.I got out and walked to my dressing room did i mention im the head model so i have to do quiet alot of photo shoots.After hours of posing in skimpy costumes i got to go home.I wasnt feeling to good so i called it a night.




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