Justins p.o.v 

Lily- ju....stin 

"What are you doing "

Lily- you weren't supposed to find out this way 

"find out what that the mother of my children was sucking face with demi "

Lily- Justin its not like that me and demi are dating 

WHAT how could this happen i wanted her to be mine .Only Fredo and Ryan knew but i really like like lilly , i want us to be a family with the twins.I couldn't deal with the news i needed to get away ,turned around slamming the door running down the stairs and out the front door with a slam.Ignoring everyone gathering outside telling me to come back i ran over to my range rover and sped out of the driveway.

I didn't know where i was going but i couldn't be in there any longer it was hard enough controlling my feelings around her but now i know shes a lesbian and dating demi is going to make it even harder whenever i see her i just want to kiss her .

I hit the pedal turning in all different directions i couldn't go to anyone because they were all back at mine so i went to the only place that felt like home .It took about a hour but i finally got there i hoped out the car and walked over and sat up against a tree looking over the view of L.A . I liked to come here sometimes to clear my head only Fredo and Ryan knew about this place but it was the last place they would look.

It had been hours the sun was now setting i turned my phone of after 10 minutes of being because it wouldn't stop ringing.I know they could be worried but i needed time to think .

Lilys p.o.v 

========== A FEW HOURS EARLIER ==========

Justin stormed out the room slamming the door causing a vibration through the whole house i looked at demi she had a worried and confused look on her face .A few seconds later another slam come  from downstairs i ran downstairs to see what was going off i didn't know why Justin was so mad.

As i made my way out of the spare room i heard the babies crying Demi picked up Ava holding her gently in her arms and i picked up Jesse making our way down .

Alfredo- Lily what the hell happened up there 

I pulled fredo aside and explained to Fredo how Justin had walked in on me and demi kissing and how he got made and left .Fredo made his way over to Ryan and whispered something in his ear.I passed Jesse to Pattie and waited for Fredo to come over and tell me whats going on .

Fredo - we might know why Justin got mad and left when he saw what he did 

Lily - whats that 

Fredo -there's no easy way to tell you this that's not going to freak you but justin has a major thing for you and he thinks he loves you 



I started to feel weak that before everything blacked out the last thing i saw was Fredos worried face before i hit the floor .






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