Lily's p.o.v

Waking up on the couched pressed into Justin's body with his arms wrapped around my body so protectively .

Getting up gently so I wouldn't wake up justin I got Ava and Jesse ready for the day the smiles on there face caused the biggest smile on my face .

I lay them on the floor on their play mat kissing there bellies watching them try to roll over .so much has changed the twins are so much bigger almost 8months old .

Ava -hope has my Carmel skin tone and. Justin's honey blonde hair the same as Jesse .

We played and giggled for about a hour we sang songs .Justin was still not awake as far as I knew ,last night was amazing Justin didn't try anything it felt so right in his arms .

Demi still hadn't contacted me almost a month I hadn't heard nothing she was due to go on her neon lights tour in a few days.

The pain inside was ripping at every thing I had demi was a lot to me but I can never find happiness first my abusive boyfriend now my girlfriend left me .something I'm doing is repelling the ones I loved .

Snapping out of my daze I heard someone clear there throat behind me and saw justin standing there smiling."having fun"i replied with a yes or the next hour and a half we decided to watch finding memo cuddled up on Justin's bed Jesse lay across Justin and Ava lay across me .

Justin got out his phone taking a picture off all off us sending it to his mum and my dad .

"What do you want to do today "Justin asked at the subtitles rolled on the screen ."what's the time " he glanced at his phone before saying it was midday so we could do whatever we wanted "how about swimming?" we agreed to go swimming in Justin's pool I got out jesses swim stuff brides handing it to Justin"come on lil man daddy's going to get you ready "

My heart melted inside seeing justin steeping up and acting like a proper dad made me doubt all the concerns I had in the first place.for the past 6 months(idk) he's stepped up so much to be a proper dad an has still managed to release all of journals .

Once we were all ready we made our way down to the pool I had my cut out swimming costume on from my new bikini line .

Slipping Jesse and Ava in there floats we got in the shallow end of the water they splashed in the water covering themselves within minutes .


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Sorry it's short

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She was the one (James McVey)

Seeing Justin play with lily being the father any girl would want .he looked at her with love and protection in his eyes like he wouldn't let anyone hurt her .

I heard my phone buzz from the outside table I have Jesse to Justin before getting my phone .

"Hey lily thinking we should hang soon want to get a coffee later xx Lucy "

Before replying a quick yes I saw justin pretending to swim like nemo which cause Ava and Jesse to burst into faits of laughter

Could he be a better dad


Hey guys

Sorry it's short

I'm going to need someone to help me write certain parts of the next few chapters inbox me if you interested

Check out some of my friends books :

She was the one (James McVey)

Seriously kiss me (Luke Hemmings)

Nones perfect (demi lovato)

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