I woke up in my bed alone just me and my beautiful babies demi was crashing in the spare room.I rolled out of bed to see the sun peaking out the curtains .I groaned and rolled ut of bed today i was going to spend the day hanging out with dad and the others.I made my way into the bathroom undressing and steeping into the steamy water.

Washing my body from head to toe i got out and wrapped the warm towel over my growing bump.The twins were 2 days late and im getting sick of this bump now i just want them to come out already .The nurserys were complete dad and kenny spent days decorating them before i moved in they were perfect there was a wall with 2 cribs and everything i would need ( picture to side -> -> -> )

I grabbed a lace sundress that reached mid thigh along with some underwear and slipped them on.I managed to put on my shoes without falling over or breaking anything which is a first.I warmed up my curling iron and curled my hair into black ringlets i applied some  foundation,powder ,mascara and some clear lip gloss i made my way downstairs to see demi sitting in the kitchen around the island.

I grabbed some ice tea out of the fridge and walked over to demi wrapping my arms around her tightly pulling her in for a hug

Lily- morning baby girl

Demi-hey sweetie who's coming today

Lily- Dad,Kenny,Luke,Lexi,Alfredo dads friend and dad said he was going to bring over a few more people , who are you going to invite

Demi- Im not sure are you sure i can bring some people

Lily-Of course

Demi- then i might ring Vanessa (Hudgens) , Miley (Cyrus), Selena ( gomez) and Victoria ( justice)

Lily- ok  thats fine hun im going to set up the pool stuff

Justins p.o.v

Scooter and Kenny were keeping something from me since scooter blurted out he had a daughter 2 days ago .I keep trying to get him to tell me but he wont i cant believe he kept this from me for so long .He promised me i could meet her today and im so worried why would he keep it from me for so long.

Kenny and scooter pulled into my drive i ran out and hoped in the car.

Scooter- Justin you have to promise me to behave

Kenny- yeah kid she doesn't need anymore stress

Justin- dude whats the worst i could do ?

Scooter&Kenny- dont get us started

We made our way along the freeway into calabasis private estate i wonder why she lives here?.We pulled up to a beautiful house there was many cars parked outside and you could hear music blasting from the back yard.

Scooter - Just behave kid

Lilys p.o.v

Everyone was now here the barbecue was all set up for dad and Kenny people started arriving and everyone was having a good time .I saw dads car pull up and Dad and Kenny stepped out i made my way over to the door.I opened the door , i couldn't believe what i was seeing why was he here?


Justin - L.......ILY



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