Justin's p.o.v

Having that special moment in front of everyone brought tears to my eyes especially Jesse saying me as his first word.mum had done the dishes with erin while me and lily had time with jesse and ava .lily wouldnt leave ava alone trying to get her to say mumma it made me laugh I just wanted to marry her to have her mine .

It was getting late everyone was doing there own thing and it felt like it was suppose to all together again like we were a proper family .

This is what it should be like every Christmas and thanksgiving the whole family here just one thing different .The mother of my children with a ring on her finger making her mine forever .

But I had a plan to make her mine ,give her all the love she deserves and be the one to put the smile on her face.

I brought Lilly out on the deck by the pool lying down on the sun loungers.grabbing her hand entwining our hands she didn't flinch like I though she would just moved to my sun lounger and cuddled into my chest .

Those moments felt like everything I've wanted I want to be able to do this with her all the time.Having a wife and a kids is all I want right now it's what I need to get back on track .

Her head rest in my chest rising up and down wiry the breathes I took.

Mum was approaching the back doors lily was facing the opposite way. I dint want this moment to be interrupted I mouthed for her to give us some time she replies with a single nod .

We lay there under the stars not a sound other than our breathing rising from our chests.

"Hey babe do you ever want to be a family"i asked brushing the hair out of her face as we looked into each other's eyes.

"One day maybe "

That moment I knew I had to do it I'd been thinking about it for a long time .it was now or never even if she said no at least I tried

"Lily would you consider dating a guy"she looked at me in confusion for a minute "Justin I've only had one relationship With a guy I've has so many bad experiences some I will never recover from I need the right guy"

She looked damaged like a shattered mirror all I wanted to do was fix her back together she may never be fully recovered but it doesn't mean I can fix her into something amazing.

"Tell me what you need"i said honestly ."i need love,someone who won't hurt me"co fused as to what she meant I brushed it aside .

"What about me?"i replied gazing into her eyes

"What about you?"she looked puzzled

"Me being your boyfriend "some of the weight was lifted from my shoulders come on I can do this

"OHH Justin your not ......."

"Lily will you be my girlfriend ?"





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